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Some hosts provide all you need, have you checked to see what your host offers?
I didn't read the full thread, has anyone mentioned security certs? I presume you'd need to sort that out too.

A friend uses [SIZE=-1] and seems happy with it afaik.
Cheers everybody

Hi thanks for all the relpys guys... I have been looking around at stuff. I think I will be going with OScommerce and just going to modify it to suit the site. But going to do a mock of it first on my own site to see if it works. Thanks a million. Very much appriciated

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If you are thinking of doing the whole CC processing thing yourself, read up on the PCI DSS standard. If you are unsure of any bit of it, go with a 3rd party processor. You can be liable for some very hefty fines if caught.


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If you have a bad track record with security / chargebacks you will be penalised by all the payment providers.

Even if you go down the Realex route you can end up in trouble if your security is compromised, which is why 3d secure etc., is so important

Do you really want to be fined $5 per card number + the total value of all the dodgy transactions?
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