Card Fraud, how to fight it!

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Our e-commerce have been targeted by fraudsters over the last few years, but since 3D secure has been become more common, fraud attempts have really fallen. But in the last month we have had a few fraud attempts, now they are ordering over the phone (by passing 3d secure)

We have tried report to the bank that we suspect/ know its a fraud, but the don't care and won't even report it to the customer.

At this stage we have a list of numbers and address for fraud attempt, I we were wondering would it be worth setting but a fraud attempt user base so that if other business get suspected fraud they can cross reference as they tend to hit as many people as they can.

Is this anyone else would be interest in? Is there any Legal issue with doing something like this?
The banking system seems to be avoiding costs and therefore responsibility! They just dont care.

Did you see the new Trustev that is kickstarting out of Cork/Wayra ?

Its supposed to be using a "social media fingerprint" and looks quite promising!
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