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Hello all

I registered with Register365 (I wish I hadn't now after reading the bad reviews on the net, Blacknight looks much better), bought a domain name and bought the lite hosting package. I assigned a domain name to the hosting package but after assigning I realised the URL is different to the domain name I bought (.ie instead of .com). Stupid mistake by me.

I've logged a call with them for assistance but reading through things here I'm not expecting them to get back to me any time soon. So, does anyone know how to remove a domain name from a hosting package in Register365?

The only option I can see is deleting the hosting package but i'm assuming that will delete the package entirely, and i'll have to spend another 35 euros.

Your help is much appreciated



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I'd assume that you can switch / update the domain on the plan via their control panel.
If nothing else you should be able to at least add a "pointer"?

Sorry - not familiar with the inner workings of their systems (obviously)
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