Changing my host, help please!

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I currently have two websites running off two different hosts. I was wanting to change it so they are both on the same host and I was wondering how I go about doing this?
Its going from digiweb to dreamhost incase you were wondering but I am unsure how to go about it, do I need to contact them to ask them to do it or how can I do it manually?

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You'd normally have to setup the hosting account with the new provider, upload all your content, setup emails etc., and switch the nameservers to point at the new hosting provider
If they are using cPanel you can add your new domain as an "add on domain" (it will be given it's own ftp username and password)

Once you have added it as an add-on domain, change the nameservers on your domain to point to dreamhosts nameservers (they can provide you with this information if your unsure)

To do this you need to contact whomever you have registered the domain with (or log into the domain registrars control panel if you have one)

Upload the website via the new ftp details and walaaa! your done. :)
Out of curiosity is there a very deliberate reason for the move? Or are you just looking to ease the admin by having them under the same roof as it were? if so why did you chose Dreamhost as a matter of interest? Sorry for prying but is a hot topic elsewhere on this forum also.
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