client side image resize?

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The age old problem of large images and low bandwidth has come up again ..
I have tried to get the person to resize images manually however it seems like alot of extra work to them.

Im looking for a client side way of resizing images in a browser before uploading to a server .. anyone got any ideas?

I've seen a few java solutions that might do the job but im looking for something open source or free.


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problem is he is uploading high res images and his on a slow connection so he would have to wait for ages for them to upload. seems to do the job it changes the size then uploads.

im not sure of the quality of the images once resized .. my plan was gona be to upload the image using thinfile and get it to resize the image by abput 1/2 then use php to do a better quality resize. should still cut down on upload times.


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Your client has to relize that camera photos are high resolution and needs work before uploading on the web. it only takes few second to edit an image and resize it to let say 450px width and save it as jpeg. if he can not understand that then he has to have the pacients.


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In a service based industry like development you have to be customer orientated simply saying to the customer.. “your going to have to resize them 20 – 50 images each week before you upload” just wont work. The problem that I have is, he has seen software that can do this, as people in his industry uses it on a daily basis.. its not as cut and dry.


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for web anybody should know that you need to work on the images before uploading them on the server.
Look at copermine - in the admin section they give you a limit you can set for the size of the images. For what reason? Cause you can just put a picture on the web that is bigger then you web space.

An example is or

if you want to put a picture there you need to have resized locally before uploading. If is too big you can even crash the server. is that what you want?

You client has to understand that there are rules about how and what.
You probably just got a lasy one that want you to do all the work for him and as usually paying peanuts.
Client Side Image Resizing

There is a way to resize on the client side to save bandwidth and make uploads faster if a user has installed Silverlight.

Fluxcapacity just opened up some source code for a library called FJCore that allows you to open, edit, and resize photos (JPEG only right now) right inside the browser.

Here's a post that talks about it some more:
fluxcapacity Blog Archive FJCore to the rescue

Here's what a developer/lead engineer at Microsoft had to say about it:
FJCore source available: Client-side JPEG resizing for Silverlight 2 Beta 2 - Jeff Wilcox

This could be very useful for a lot of web developers, especially since there's really no way to achieve quick photo uploads right now other than using your own custom browser object. This isn't as much of a problem for the big guys like Facebook, but it could help the little guys immensely. Of course, the user has to have installed Silverlight, but adoption hopefully won't be a problem especially given that the 2008 Olympics site is going require Silverlight.

**Full disclosure - This library was created as a side project by my friend Jeff Powers, and Fluxcapacity is the company we're working on together.

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Get the user to install Picasa from Google, it has a handy export function, and it will also find all the pictures on your Harddrive. Plus your client might like to touch up pics


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Get the user to install Picasa from Google, it has a handy export function, and it will also find all the pictures on your Harddrive. Plus your client might like to touch up pics
I've gone this route with one of my clients.

Its not ideal ... and I had to take them through it a few times more that I would have liked to. But in the end I think they are able to use it.
Picaso is ok but you have to teach them how to use it.. In my experience the best thing to do is to use php's gd library with a form and resize/upload the image on the fly so to speak..
While Picasa is great for those who are savvy, it is far from an ideal solution to present to a client. Afterall, we are trying to simplify things for them - aren't we?? So I agree with you, johned, add a resize-on-upload function to your cms.

Here's a simple php tutorial: PHP: Upload and Resize an Image - web.blazonry

~ OR ~

For an easy and cheaper solution try searching for online services that will do it for you: resize images online - Google Search
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