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Firstly Hello and this is my first post so forgive me if I've got it in the wrong place or somehow messed up :distrust:

Just to set the scene. I am not in anyway technical but along with a (very patient) freelance web designer have built a really lovely site on a Magento Perfect White theme which has about 800 products on it. (I suppose just to say I haven't really built anything but have entered all the products etc). Up until a month ago I was on a shared server and had a cache plug-in. However the cache plug-in broke a few months ago and to cut a long story short was making the admin side of things impossible. At this point my web designer advised me to go to cloud. I did this and experienced a good few problems in the first week or so due to the emails and SSL remaining on the old server (which then had a 6 monthly upgrade). Since then the site has gone down quite a bit (I'm on a Cloud 2 plan 40GB disk space 1024MB RAM 1000GB transfer). The server went down yesterday for 5 hours-partly due to the fact I couldn't get to send a ticket in to the hosts to tell them. Anyway I know I need to do two of three things

1) Move to Cloud 3 (60GB disk space 1536MB RAM 1500GB transfer) with a view to having to continue to move up
2) Get someone in to tune the server to allow for better performance of the site
3) Move the hosting to a UK based hosting company who offer expert Magento set-up

So the thing is which first? Also who do I get to look at the server and how much is this going to cost me? (just to say at this point I haven't even generated enough income to pay for the build yet and will probably be looking at a new build in the next year or so down to the fact my site isn't responsive). Can I move it to a UK based cloud server??? If so how would this affect my SEO?? (btw I have noticed a big improvement in google rankings since my move to cloud which has been a big upside to all the worry I have had)

HELP! But bear in mind I (and my web developer) don't have the skills to start messing about with the server so I suppose really just advice on who to approach or where to go would be great.

Sorry for such a long first post and thanks in advance for your help :joyous:


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Tuning the site's setup is probably your best option.
If it's not setup properly ie. caching and optimised etc., then you'll have to keep upgrading without actually fixing the issue
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