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Discussion in 'CMS and Content Management' started by Banana Man, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Banana Man

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    I have tried using a few CMS in the past but always gave up and just wrote my own site with HTML, CSS and some basic php. I'm reluctant to use a CMS as I feel if I use something like Drupal I'm far more likely to be targeted by hacking attempts. Also, I don't like the idea of having to rely on finding a specific add on module when I want to something a bit outside the box... also when newer versions of the CMS are released you end up with problems with unofficial modules.

    Can anyone with some experience with using both methods let me know if I should just switch to a CMS. I'm just starting to learn JavaScript and a bit more php so I'm thinking I might be able to have more freedoms with a CMS in the future when I can modify them myself.

  2. link8r

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    "Islam or Buddism" springs to mind.

    Interesting question and only you can answer. CMS' are great for some but I tend to largely go self build as I want it customised. But if I'm going to suggest a blog, I can't see why anyone wouldn't use WordPress. The problem with Self build is that they often expose many weaknesses if the developer hasn't the experience to know what they are - and when that happens, there aren't any community based solutions to install! Also, CMS' have plug ins and tend to scale well.

    If we're going to ask "techy religious" type questions, then I'd argue that Joomla has to be the absolute worst and most avoidable CMS I've ever seen.
  3. Banana Man

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    I'm all confused ;) Think i'll just have to get stuck in and try one out properly. I'm going to give Drupal a whirl! Regarding the modules, i reckon most of them will be available in a different format that you can just add to your self build anyway. I use jQuery and that seems to cover just about everything i need.
  4. mneylon

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    The other thing to bear in mind..
    If your code is good then a custom CMS is going to be a lot more secure than one that uses a known backend .. of course if your code isn't up to standard you're leaving yourself wide open :)
  5. NiallK

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    Mind if I ask why? I use Joomla on one of my websites. It was my first time using a CMS and I haven't tried any others since, it does what I want it to do so I haven't changed. What CMS would be your own reccomendation?
  6. paddym

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    MODX is a very nice cms to use.
  7. NiallK

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    Is that commercial or free ?
  8. paddym

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    100% free, open source php
  9. breik

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    If you have free time you can write your own CMS, for example, in 2008 I wrote my first CMS.
  10. natul

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    If you don't know how create page maybe you should use Artisteer. Experience and knowledge of html or css is not needed. So it's excellent tool for beginners and can be for you. Read more about this tool, maybe it will help you.
  11. adriadrop

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    As I see here is just a problem of knowledge, not a CMS
  12. In my opinion, a CMS will be more secure than a self build due to the number of people involved in its creation and evolution, and far more adaptable; with plugins etc.

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