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Discussion in 'HTML Basics' started by musicformedia, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. musicformedia

    musicformedia New Member

    Hi guys,
    This is my first post on the site. I'm looking for some help (obviously). Basically I write music for films, games etc. (or try) and I want to make a website to show off some of my stuff. Now I need to say at this point - I am in no way a professional and have only just finished college, so it does not need to look absolutely amazing, as I want to make it myself and not have to pay for much except hosting and the domain name.

    Now, I downloaded a template and put in my own text into it.

    However, theres a few things I havent a clue about after that. I need a music player for it. I was talking to someone "Forbairt" who is on here, and he advised me of this one which would suit my needs perfectly:

    XSPF Web Music Player (Flash) - Plays MP3 on your website

    I don't know how to embed it into the page. I used dreamweaver to edit the template, but I can't really follow the instructions on how to embed it - which are located here:
    Help: XSPF Web Music Player

    I want to put it into the bottom right hand corner of the page as there is a bit of space there

    Also, there is a search button on the page - I'm not too sure if I need it or not really, as theres no links on the page to other pages really, so I doubt I'd need it - would I?

    I like the overall look of the page, but not too sure about the content yet - I hope when I get the music player on it, it will look a bit more full.

    Here it is anyway. Also - would it be worth putting on some flash images onto the page to make it look a little nicer, or is it worth it?
  2. musicformedia

    musicformedia New Member

    sorry - can't seem to get that upload working
    heres a pic of the site anyway - I scaled the size of the writing down so I could get the whole site into the pic

  3. ghost

    ghost New Member

    Can you put your html in a text file and upload as an attachment just put an xxx where you want the player , never did this before but I will have a look anyway .
    If you could scale that pic down just a wee bit :cool:
  4. musicformedia

    musicformedia New Member

    i think that should be it..I opened the webpage, clicked on view page source and copied and pasted that into notepad and saved it - hope that works

    as I said I just got the template and put in my own stuff into it using dreamweaver. hopefully you can view it. I'm not too sure where in the code the media player would go, but I basically want it in the bottom right hand corner of it or at the between the "columns" entitled music and "updates"
  5. ghost

    ghost New Member

    got that but now i need the style sheet
  6. musicformedia

    musicformedia New Member

    I just uploaded it now - hopefully lol...
  7. ghost

    ghost New Member

    Ok the player is 400 px wide and wont fit where you suggested rethink that one and I will have a look at the code
  8. ghost

    ghost New Member

    XSPF Web Music Player - Plays MP3 on your website

    To start create three folders
    1 Music : this is where you will the store music files
    2 music_images : stores images you might use on the player
    3 Media_player : Put the contents of the zip file in here , You can delete this one xspf_player.fla

    4 you will also need a play list file , sample attached place this in the media_player folder.

    to edit or add to the play list

    <location>http://www.YOUR SITE is my first song.mp3</location>
    <image>http://www.YOUR SITE is the pic to.jpg</image>
    <annotation>some blaa blaa about the song </annotation>

    you will need to repeat this for each track.

    ok theres a start will need to know the web site name for the next stage.
  9. ghost

    ghost New Member

    and the attachment play list
    this is a.txt file to use it give it a .xspf extention
  10. musicformedia

    musicformedia New Member

    cool thanks very much man! website name will be - I just have to register it this week. Once I have it hosted I will be able to do more I suppose - thanks for the help man. I'm not too sure about how to even get it up on the site, but sure I'll see how it goes. I think its just a matter of saving the file then uploading it right? and then create the folders on the site and put the music into them?
  11. ghost

    ghost New Member

    Domain search and .co .uk are all ready taken
  12. musicformedia

    musicformedia New Member

    i know yea - it would be .ie - or
  13. ghost

    ghost New Member

    yea understood that just always the possiblity of confusion someone looking for your site and typing .com by mistake , always best to have both if you can.
  14. musicformedia

    musicformedia New Member

    yea I know what you mean. Its not really a major problem right now to be honest - maybe a little further down the road
  15. ghost

    ghost New Member

    [​IMG] available space 240px , you can resize the player but 240 might be a bit two small ?

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