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Hi Folks

Having being out of work for a while now to stop myself going mad I am in the early stages of designing an original content based website. I have done some amateur blogging myself in the past but have never had the required volume of content to make it a profitable past-time.
I’m guessing that there are loads of other armature writers out there that like me enjoying writing, tweeting, commenting and blogging but don’t either have the time or patience to make it a full time occupation.

So what I am looking for is other likeminded souls who would like to write about a variety of topics in a light hearted manner such as pop culture opinion pieces, reviews of music/ movies/games/book/TV shows, fashion, sport and even current affairs and politics’ (if done with the right good nature tone).

All content writers would keep the by-line and have an author profile page, they could promote their Twitter and Facebook profile on their articles and contribute as much or as little as they like. Articles would have to be approved before publishing (but this would only be a minor formality to keep content quality high).

As I said before this idea is at a very early stage but I would see authors being rewarded by an advert sharing system so the more they write and they more hits they can get the more they stand to make.

If anyone would like to express an interest and be kept informed of site progress, send me a PM as I would love to hear from you. Just let me know a contact email address and what subject areas you’d like to write on. Topics aren’t restricted to the few I listed above; I’m completely open minded at this stage.
Not open for further replies.
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