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I'm trying to decide whether to go into a full-time or contract role in the next while. I've been freelancing a couple of months but looking to get something a bit more secure.

I have 4 years agency experience and a couple more freelancing. I'm pretty confident in my skills and I'm able to turn good work out in quick times and I know HTML & CSS inside out as well as a bit of SEO, wordpress and UX.

Would €200 a day sound about right or should I push for more or less?


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A day ??? You mean per hour right? right?

€500 a day


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I wish! I'll be working a minimum 16 days a month so if I was to work 11 month (taken a month of holidays through out the year) I'd make 88k. No chance of that happening unfortunately.


When you are a contractor you have to keep in mind that there are things you won't get paid for
* training
* RFQs
* illness
* networking
* conferences
* etc
and extra costs
* finances / taxes
* office supplies / stationary / etc.
* health insurance
* pension
* etc.

I would set a rate that you charge at least twice what you earn now per day (base your wages on working 10 months, not 11, due to bank holidays, sickness, real holidays, etc), and see where you come out. You shouldn't plan to be working 100% of the year, as in 100% billable time anyway. If it works out, it's a bonus, but it's probably not so likely. You need that extra cash to cover
* the slow times
* the times that cash flow are bad
* when you want to take a holiday or more education

I would aim to have at least a 6 month runway, i.e. enough money to live on for 6 months with not getting paid. Also when you are working you should try to save and extend this runway to 12 months.

If they are guarantee you 16 days a month, if it's your first contract, I would that in writing and get a lawyer to read it.


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Paul and the others have summed this up well.
If you're self-employed you're liable for everything, so you need to charge accordingly.
Of course if you were on a longer contract with someone it would probably make sense to reduce the rate, but you need to factor in all your costs properly.


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Thanks very much for info guys, very helpful stuff. I guess all I'm afraid of is possibly losing out on a job by demanding too much. I'm sure I could agree a contract for as many months as I want which would guarantee the work and I could charge something reasonable.


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So how did you get on ?

Sorry for the late reply.

I didn't get the money I was after so I'm not continuing my contract. I'm going back to full time freelancing for a while and keeping an eye out for other contract roles going. After looking more into it, there definitely is jobs paying at least 250+ a day.
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