Create Your Own Search Engine & Directory Portal With Ease

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Create, manage and run your own Search Engine & Directory Portal with total control and ease. User friendly in every aspect and built for the most demanding uses and customization needs.

- Comes with Premium Links (ability to sell link listings)
- Full Customization or re-brandable (all HTML & text used are 100% customizable)
- HTML Generation (for Search Engine friendly URLs)
- Link Reviews/Ratings
- Content Sensitive Advert Server
- Reciprocal Link Checker & Reciprocal Linking
- Spam Filter (spam proof)
- Broken Link Checker
- Custom Data Fields
- Mailers
- Crawler
- XML Feed Importing
- 70 Pre-Designed Template Sets
- Image/Video/File Uploading & Submissions
- RSS Feeds
- Optional PPC functionality
- Can be used as an Article Directory
- Can be used as a CMS
- Many other features.

Also perfect for any kind of specialized Directory like Yellow Pages Directories, Real Estate Directories, Travel Directories, Complex Product Catalogues, Image Galleries, etc. The uses are limitless.

- Over 10 Years in Development
- Industrial Strength (Powerful)
- Feature Packed
- User Friendly (Ease of use)
- Many Uses (Very Flexible)
- Income Generating Features
- SEO Friendly
- Traffic Building Features
- Very Stable

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