CSS text align top to bottom question

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Hi guys, is it possible to run text on its side from top to bottom like so using CSS?

I tried to google about the place but I'm not sure on the search terms or even if it's possible.



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Someone linked to my site woo whooo!! :D

Yep, the css filters are IE only (unless something has changed since I last checked).

I'd be surprised if it couldn't be done with js but images would be my first choice.

Here's an example with js... not sure about x-browser compatibility tho:

Vertical text script- Developer's View


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I doubt very much you'll be able to pull that one off with CSS that will satisfy all browsers. I wouldnt even be confident of doing it with JS. Why cant it be an image?


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I don't want to use an image for seo purposes. I was planning on using vertical text for a menu system.
It seems like my only option though...that or using flash.


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^^ he beat me to it. the text wont show but search engines will still read it. if you do find that the text is coming to the front then use css such as:

divname img
z-index: 1;