Customer support/chat online apps - recommendations?

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Hi all,

first post so I hope this is an appropriate forum, I couldn't find one better for this question.

We use WebsiteAlive for online customer support chat, but it's not always the most reliable and there seems to be a problem with dropped conversations. So, I'm looking for alternatives. Are there any good Irish or UK based services as I'd like to reduce network distance and possible lag for one thing? We don't mind spending up to maybe €80 a month or so. I'm thinking of something with some easy code to just embed in our site but would anyone recommend hosting some app. ourselves on our dedicated server? Is that a lot of trouble?

We need:
  • ease of use for customers and operators, they are non-technical
  • up to 3 operators at one time
  • very reliable
  • good reporting
  • customisable and brandable
  • I don't think we don't need it to integrate into our CRM or anything else.

Thanks, Paul
Not open for further replies.
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