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Good day
DaoPush.com - is a high-tech advertising platform for monetizing and selling traffic via push notifications.

We proud to present you our platform DaoPush.com for monetizing push notifications from creators of TerraLeads, ApiLead, InstallMonster, ZipMonster and many other projects, thousands of webmasters trust us!
Team of DaoPush.com invites for cooperation
- Owners of sites
- Owners of extensions
- Owners of clickcunder / popunder networks
- Media buyers for sending traffic to our landing pages

Key advantages for webmasters:
1 - Unique system of rotation of the advertising companies, which shows top CPM
2- Many already tested landing pages in all verticals and geo with localized translations
3 - Oprion of integrating on your site via both http and https protocols.
4 - Protection from potential Google bans
5 - Easy integration
6 - Payments on request on Webmoney, Epayments, Wire, Paypal, BTC with minimum of just $ 10
7 - Not agressive to users
8 - We work with top networks
9 - New partners with at lease 50k subs / daily will receive a cat from us as a present :D:

Attention! For partners with a large volumes of traffic (more than 100k subscriptions / day) we can work on CPA model, prices are much higher than the market. Hurry to write to our support, as our budget is not unlimited and there are limits on buying.

Key Benefits for Advertisers:
1 - Minimal bid is just $ 0.001 per click!
2 - Large volumes
3 - Own, not used subscription base, with new users daily.
4 - High monetising traffic

How it works:
1. Sign up in the system, add the source get the JS installation script on the site or landing URL
2. Paste the script to your source site / extension / landing page or send traffic to our landing pages.
3. Get steadily growing profits! Each 1000 subscriptions can bring you up to $ 200 at a distance

Welcome! Our contacts:
Home - Main - Subscribe for future
Skype: live:anstasialebovski
Telegram: @AnastasiaSupport
Telegram chat: DaoPush
Mail: admin@daopush.com


Hi there ,
The weekly payments have been processed


Good day!

Dear partner, our team worked a lot and we have great news for you! :)

For affiliates:

- revenue increased much because of starting CPM based rotation

- domain parking for landings

- geo advertisers widening

- fix for Chrome 74+ after declining of subscription offer.

Also we have good news for advertisers:

- now our system became fully based on CPM rotation, fixed issue with spending limits, when account balances goes to minus.

- expanding geo and subscription database more than twice during the last month.

- improving usability when working with campaigns and creatives

- improvement in FAQ of advertiser and guide for creating campaigns

Here's a screenshot of one of our partners for your attention:

To confirm a screenshot, turn your attention to an interesting split of 10+ networks made by independent webmaster:

Everything is going fine and we grow on your eyes, the only thing left is to support us in voting for the best net / affiliate program: Affbank - DaoPush

Hurry up to enjoy a great conversion, until your traffic bought others advertisers!

Always yours, DaoPush.com team


Dear partners!

Very soon DaoPush team will take part in one of the biggest affiliate events of this year- Affiliate World Europe 2019 in Barcelona, which will be held at the 8-9th of July.

We will be very glad to speak with every of you and find new ways to grow our business.

Book meeting and time with us at our managers:

Telegram: @Andrey_DaoPush, @AnastasiaSupport
Skype: live:andrey.daopush, live:anstasialebovski



Promotions from DaoPush in honor of our victory! Fresh Case and Split-test of push affiliate programs in the CIS

DaoPush proudly announces that this year we rightfully took the first place in the competition from the popular Affbank resource in the nomination of The best mobile advertising network.

This victory wouldn’t be possible without you! And in honor of this event DaoPush announces promotions!

Together with the start of the action, the possibility of attracting partners via the Referral system will become available in our system (5% of referral income will be regularly accrued to the balance of the referrer). Hurry up to invite your acquaintances and friends first to make a profit from this for life!

And over the past month, we have also prepared a great new functionality for expanding campaign targeting:
- targeting by subscription lifetime
- targeting by browser language
- targeting by subnets
- targeting by time of day

Dear partners, and that's not all the bonuses for you!

One of our advertisers has already managed to share with us a case on one of our top geo - Vietnam. For details read the link:ROI 244%, and on vk.com or fb.com
And if after all this you are still hesitating whether to work with Daopush or not, here is another argument for you ..

There already is a new split on the profitability of a dozen of current push-nets from an independent publisher, this time across the CIS: split test or vk.com or fb.com

Well, in conclusion, according to tradition, to raise your sports interest, here is a screenshot of one of our partners:

Work with the best! We wish you a good convert and high payouts!
Contact us:



Telegram-сhat: @DaoPush

E-mail: admin@daopush.com

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Hi there!

Dear partners, we are pleased to announce that DaoPush will join in all the top 2019 events:

- Delhi, September 2-3
KINZA'19 - Moscow, September 11
Affiliateconference'19 - Prague, September 14-15
Affiliatesummit'19 - Singapore, October 1-2

We will be glad to meet with each of you, in order you just need to contact our support

Skype: skype:live:anstasialebovski?add
Telegram: Anastasiia
email: admin@daopush.com
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