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How do you stop a client making a huge mistake on the design of there website.

I'm currently working with a client on a new project. I have a really nice clean design built on a WordPress platform.

The client spends most of his day looking at websites, mostly old ones. He has now picked out a site that he likes, music in the background and loads of animations, the type you would have seen about 4 years ago.

Even though he is getting contacts back from the existing design and feed back from clients that they like it. He still wants to change to the stupid old design he seen.

Anyone any suggestions on how to fix this problem in a tactful way.
It kills me to have to destroy a clients sit like this.


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Tell him that he hired you as a professional. Point out as tactfully as possible that his idea of a good design is flawed and that while you will do it if he insists you feel obliged to point out the flaws in his choices ..

Makes me think of Clients From Hell :)


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Tried that and he's just not listening. Cuts you off half way through your chat to show you yet another site. After a while I told him I would do the site but it will not work as well as the one we started. He said thats fine........ God give me strength!!!

Love the Clients from Hell page :)


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Did the client provide you with detailed requirements and reference sites for you to build to?

If not then you will continue to play tennis with them and Blacknight is right, to avoid further spats, deliver what they want and move on (it's their business and they will need to manage it). You may just not want to add that to your Portfolio list ;)

If they did provide you with requirements/reference sites and you have design to meet those, then raise it with them. It seems like they may have changed the GOAL posts and you can always inform them that design changes will incur more cost.

Good luck with that one. It's really not worth falling out with a client.

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I had a client like this once. Think outside the box, do the work they want now, build a good relationship with them and when they want to upgrade to an all new website you have the work done already from first time round. It usually only takes a year max to they understand they have built an outdated site.


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I have mulled this over for a few days and your all right, give him what he wants and see where we go from there. The problem I'm having is doing something you know is not going to work but doing it anyway. I think there is only so much advice you can give someone before you have to let them make there own mistakes.

Thanks for the advice everyone... very much appreciated. I think I'm going to have to ask my conscience take a back seat on this one :)


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I know, it kills me to change something that works well when a client wants the change. I always recommend against bad changes and most times they agree once you explain the negatives of the change vs positives as it is, but if they're insistant you just go to do it :/


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I find that I can separate my client into 2 broad groups:

1. Those who are looking for advice as to how best achieve a web presence and get a return from same, and want me as developer to do what it takes to achieve this.

2. Those who know what they want, but can't do it themselves and simply use web developer to carry out thier wishes.

Thankfully group 1 are more prevalent.


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First, you have to tell him that he has hired a professional graphic / web designer, and that nowadays, there are a lot of potential clients who will be wanting to purchase anything from his site. If his site is too heavily loaded with animations, it would be difficult to reach people around the world who does not have a speedy internet connection. Also, having a music background and the animations will be considered to be not-so-professional/serious in the business. Be nice. But when the client insists to keep that odd-looking web design, let him be because he paid for it and quit your job and find another client.

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