Differences between Linux and Windows Server

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I have been studying a web site that uses ASP.NET and so it resides on a Windows Server but it also uses some JScript so it is worth studying. Anyway, I am moving it to a Linux server and I have noticed some differences in the way it handles files. First of all, the Windows Server is not case sensitive. But I also noticed something else. It seems that the Windows Server can have file names with spaces in them like this: "Creative%20Design%20vert_S" where the "%20" is a space. But, when I try to upload this directory to the Linux server using FileZilla it does not seem to work. And then when I try to create the directory, I get an error "Forbidden command argument". So is using %20 in a direcory name illegal in Linux?


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I wouldn't recommend it. What you're seeing is just the encoding of the space on a Windows system.
You'd be better off using a hyphen (-) or an underscore (_) as separators.
On a Linux system the spaces tend to get "escaped" and it's really messy, which is why you'd be better off just not using spaces at all