Digital Marketing Meet Ups In Dublin

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Following a brief chat on Twitter between David (link8r/@primaryposition), Mark (markscully/@scullymark) and myself (@paulpinnacle), it seems we're all aware and disappointed with the lack of digital marketing meet ups available in Dublin. It does seem to be especially low/bad at the moment, at least compared to other years.

To avoid the 140 character restrictions and to put the idea in front of a relevant and interested audience, we decided to take the conversation over here to IWF.

At the moment the main questions are:
1) Are others interested?
2) How to structure the events? (We're involved in industries that require pushing the envelope and being on the cutting edge, so I'd hope we can come up with something a little more creative than the normal "Guest talk by David and then a few (too many) beers")
3) What topics would people like to see covered? (Personally I can see pro's in both focusing completely on SEO, my own area of greatest interest along with analytics, or opening it up to the complete inbound marketing spectrum. Happy to go either way with that to be honest, so happy to go with the crowd)
Not open for further replies.
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