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Wow Daedalus, thanks for that! Great tool to monitor your websites.
Sorry I didn't know about it 3 weeks ago.

Going to set up for all my sites and build a strong case against Digiweb.
No problem, I have it recording my 3 main sites now... And guess what? They're down again now. That's 11 hours out of the past 33 - one third and counting.
Thanks for this site Daedalus.

I have set it up to monitor my remaining sites. And, mine are down as well,

As soon as i get a few day sof this running, i'm going to e-mail 3-4 times a day with a screen shot.
No problem :) They're down again now incidentally, and apparently for almost an hour earlier too. Currently, since Saturday lunchtime, my recorded uptime is 86%. WTF?

As for emailing them, go for it, but it's probably a waste of time. They've stopped answering mine, and after 31 minutes on hold yesterday I gave up trying to call them too.

So... Blacknight, you say? :)
My sites are showing 50% since i set up that cool site earlier. Your a lucky man
E-mail's. what a waste of time, Digiweb are still e-mailing me that my main hobby site's has request for a the authorization key code has been received and i have moved my site to blacknight 10 days ago,

I have requested another one of my sites, for moving, but have been ignored so far.
Ooh, there's the third spell of downtime today. That's three spells totalling over four hours today. I wonder how many replies I'll get to my mails...
Ooh, mine's not that bad now, at least I had service from about 12:20am to 6:20am... It's down again now though. Let's see how many people are already ahead of me in the phone queue at 9 o'clock!
Ooh, mine's not that bad now, at least I had service from about 12:20am to 6:20am... It's down again now though. Let's see how many people are already ahead of me in the phone queue at 9 o'clock!
My sites have passed 24 hours since I first added them to "" and the show a grand total up time of 31%
Little update on this, finally got a reply from someone at Digiweb, basically saying that the server hasn't reported downtime and therefore there isn't a problem. I have an average of over 1 hour *every day* downtime since 23rd June. What a shocking uptime record, and the absolute cheek of them to put "Unmatched uptime record" as a selling point on their website. Un F'ing Believable. I have sent them a spreadsheet of all my downtime spells to see what they say. Most likely nothing.

I guess there's nobody I can report them to for providing such a shoddy service, since they say they can't be held responsible for any losses or damages caused by problems with their service... Oh well.


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Disclaimer: I work for the competition

I think I've only one old customer heavy traffic site left and it's on shared hosting with

Now while I generally know up time will rarely be 100% with any hosting company I can't believe that people are seeing these stats and haven't looked into transferring away all their sites.

If my old customer Now Playing: 25th Galway Film Fleadh - 09 Jul to 14 Jul was down that much I'd be having a constant headache about it all thankfully the uptime on it generally looks like the attached

View attachment 535
Oh, I'll certainly be moving providers, that's a given. I feel though that I should be entitled to a decent service since I've paid up with them until January, but at this rate I might just bite the bullet and change over before then...
Quick update from myself.

Main site is running 99.77% on Blacknight for a while not. I had a 30 minute of downtime one evening, Apart from that, all ok.

My remaining sites on Digiweb, are currently running at 90%.

I did have to ring them at one stage when the sites where running at 30% up time, and got a call back from a supervisor.
He couldn't explain the 15 minute wait for my call to be answered, as they (his words) where having no problems, and i was 2nd in the que.
Insisted that my stats where lies, as this couldn't be true, and have had no major problems since march this year as reported to him by me.

Had no record of my requests for my codes to move my remaining sites to a new host even though i gave him the ticket support number on the phone.

The man is deluded.

As i also have paid for digiweb to march next year, im going to keep a few sites with them, but have closed up coming accounts ( not to be renewed) and will move the domians soon,

Well, have beenon holidays and moving house recently, but it seems that after a relatively good spell of a few days with only ~5 minutes of downtime each day, some bad things are happening again. All my sites on Digiweb / have been down all night, roughly 10 hours now. I noticed last night but didn't raise a case because a) raising cases with them is generally a futile exercise, and b) normally, whatever causes the 5 minutes of downtime every morning at 2am often seems to get things working again. Last noght obviously was different though...

Still running at 95% uptime over the past few months. A week or two ago they wrote to me, asking if they could move my account to another server, which would mean a 24 hour freeze on all my sites. I have declined since I am going to be moving them to a different server myself anyway, and a second day of frozen sites would be better off avoided. Hopefully I'll have my main sites transferred this weekend, and will finally be free of all this crap.
How are the rest of you getting on with Blacknight,
i have been hitting my connections limits, real shame,, as it was one of my worries about moving to BN,

I have upgraded my package once, but can't keep throwing money at this as I'm a one man show,



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How are the rest of you getting on with Blacknight,
i have been hitting my connections limits, real shame,, as it was one of my worries about moving to BN,
You've upgraded so are on a Medius plan now?

Can you mention your site? curious as to number of files getting loaded per page load and so on :)


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Disclaimer up front in case it isn't already known .... I work for Blacknight :)

Checkout Website speed test

There are 416 requests for files coming in there ... this for me is ... INSANE :) please note this is my own personal opinion and not that of my employer

Every request to a server means we need to open a connection ... you get 10 people trying to view your page at the same time and that's like 4000+ requests coming in.

I was I forget which a few years back either slashdotted or smashing mag'd and I ended up with a ridiculous amount of traffic to my site in the space of 2 hours. I didn't have caching turned on and this was one problem ... my site fell over ... turning on caching helped a bit but moving up to a medius plan helps loads. What you should be looking at doing is checking to see if you can merge images into CSS sprites and using them in this way. At the moment I'm seeing LOTS and LOTS of css files being loaded and lots of images. You should look into the likes of can't remember the exact name but minify plugin for wordpress assuming you're running wordpress will end up serving these as mostly 1 file ( for the CSS at any rate )
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