Digiweb win4 IP issues - move to Blacknight?

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Hey all,

I have been with Digiweb for many years and have been quite happy with the service to date, I am using an advanced windows shared hosting plan. But in early January their win4 was hit with an IP attack and it took them a week to resolve - I have many clients sites on this platform and all were obviously not too happy with the downtime...

My first thought was that this timeframe was a very long term to repair an IUP attack and I had a lot of disssatisfied clients. Then last week they were hit again and for 24 hours all my sites went down again and the server reponce time was extremly slow since then - even today.

A lot of my cleints simply want to move provider at this point.

Anyone else have issues with Digiweb of late? Are these IP attacks common and do they take this long to repair normally?

Would Blacknight be the best alternative in terms of moving? I see a thread here where their win4 went down also recently?!

I am happy to DIgiweb to "continue repairs" but a lot of my clients are simply insisting I move their sites away given the unreliablity factor. Most of my site are strightforward brochure work so I don't need dedicated / virtual hosting. The shared hosting suffices fine

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...


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There could be some problem/targetted websites sharing the same server so if the problems are reaccurring or the situation doesn't improve it might be best to move your sites to a different server or host. One thing with shared hosting is you can always get problem neighbours on the same server, dedicated servers are way more expensive of course but the reliability over shared would be a main attraction for me. Having said that dedicated servers are expensive vs shared so it's understandable wanting to avoid the extra hosting costs, I myself would consider moving to another shared before taking the dedicated route.
Well, I have to report back that I am in exactly the same position again in excess of a two week period. I moved to win5 server from win4 within Digiweb last time after a severe drop in service with all my sites. The same has occured again - a prolonged period of extremly slow loading sites - Digiweb tell me it's based on IP attacks etc.

So after two weeks, the situation is the same - almost 60 domains listed over two seperate hosting packages - the larger one being a "business" service - and Digiweb tell me that "this is just the nature of shared hosting" - The servcies are being sold under a "business" classification and they are spec'd to hold 60 domains - so I am so wrong to assume they will all load at a reasonable rate?

I find this very hard to fathom as a viable excuse - the whole point is that a servcie is being sold that should perform. I understand there may be black spots here and there etc and some issues can occur. But this hosting model the most common hosting method on the planet and to have nearly a month and a half of extremely slow speeds inside the first 4 months of the year is just not good enough I feel.

I was forced to setup a Blacknight account at the request of a few clients as they were extremely dissatisfied with the service in Digiweb. Thase particular sites have operated without any issues since.

My question is this - Am I better offf moving the lot to Blacknight? - Do Blacknight also experience significant downtime / slow speed issues over a prolonged period also?

Sorry for the long rant - thanks for listening... any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I can't see that a "business" level shared hosting can have this degree of problems...


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I wonder if the problems are related to their windows servers. I have a good few sites hosted on a linux package with them and haven't had a major problem like this (touch wood). It looks like you've given it a fair chance using two different servers but are still having problems, I think I'd be inclined to move on at that point. It's a nightmare moving host with a lot of sites, having to backup/setup domains and emails on new host/upload files/update nameservers arrghh. I did it once with about 5 sites and that was painful. I wonder if there are any tips in regards to moving a lot of sites from one host to another. I'm thinking it's probably easier on a dedicated or vps where you have more control?


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Hi Sticker,

I am delighted to hear that you havent had any issues with your new Blacknight hosting plan. If you would like to transfer more hosting and domains over to us you can find instructions on how to do this here:

Moving Host - How To Move Your Website Hosting To Blacknight Easily
Transfer Your Domains - Switch Registrar - Renew Domain Name

Our support department will be on hand to help you if you have any questions regarding the move.

We always like to keep our customers up to date by posting our network status here so if you have any issues you will always be kept in the loop: Blacknight Hosting Network Status

If you need anymore help please feel free to pop me an email at sales@blacknight.com.


Thanks for the feedback all - much appreciated -

I'm going to weigh up my options as there are 70+ domains effected and thats no small amount of work to migrate...
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