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The solution is to get the dns records removed from the previous hosting provider (whoever they may be)

There appears to be an issue with Vodafone ISP's resolvers, so killing the previous dns record is the only fix at the moment
aaah - that finally explains things to me. Can't say I am filled with delight at the prospect of getting a host provider I left because of terrible service to now do something when I am no longer a paying customer. What a mess of a situation.
Thanks for posting the explanation


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If someone could get me a list of Vodafone's dns servers ie. the ones Vodafone ISP users have to use then it would be appreciated
DNS on Voadfone broadband

I have the very same problem. Moving a client from Web Trade to Blacknight and a DNS change on Wed has yet to kick in for me. I'm on Vodafone (exBT) and although the site seems to be live for 'everyone else', it's a real pain. I can't enable seo friendly URLs on the Content Management System until the DNS updates for me.
I did this a few days ago and still having problems. Now when Vodafone user tries to access the domain they get an error saying the ip address of the domain has changed:The IP address has changed. There has been a server misconfiguration. The site may have been moved to a different server. If you are the owner of this website and were not expecting to see this page, please contact your hosting provider.
Get the previous provider to remove the dns records on their end ..
Hello all,
this has just happened to me for the second time. The first time was early summer this year, when I moved a client's new website to a blacknight hosting package I had. Everyone except for Vodafone at home ISPs seemed to be getting the correct new Name Servers Records. My client rang me to say people were telling him they couldn't access his new site, and this was after over 7 days from changeover.
The previous Nameserver records were removed from the previous hosting company days before, I did it myself, so anyone with vodafone was getting a 'page not found error' - removing the previous Nameserver Records didnt work for me either.
I contacted vodafone directly, and eventually got through to someone who knew what I was talking about. That person put me onto another expert in vodafone who brought the matter to the attention to their network management group, who said there seemed to be a bug in their nameserver refresh system and the website for some reason didn't update on the nameserver list. He said that he had never heard anything like this before and thanked me for bringing it to their attention so they could sort it out. Within a couple of days it was sorted and the site was working for anyone on a Vodafone fixed line broadband ISP.
I thought it was just one of those things, until this afternoon when it happened again, this time to my own website, which I moved from UTV Internet hosting to Blacknight. Within a couple of hours, I could get access to the new site on Blacknight, through my O2 dongle or iphone 3gs, but not my vodafone fixed line ISP. I haven't managed to get UTVInternet yet to remove the previous NS Records, so I am hoping that works this time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Peter C.
Hi all,

I'm having this very same problem now with a client who has moved domains within the UK, he's happy enough (fortunately) as he can see his website and it's more or less complete but I'm having trouble regaining access to the backend because I'm using Vodafone broadband and I still get redirected to the old site. I'm in a perpetual loop with Wordpress at the moment, able to reach the temporary link but unable to loin as it resolves to the old location. Could someone tell me who, exactly, in Vodafone to contact about this as their support website really is impossible to navigate through.

I checked Blacknight's DNS diagnostics and they seem to be seeing the correct domain. I've checked through various proxies elsewhere and all seems fine, but I can't get through using Vodafone broadband which is patently ridiculous.

Thanks, David.
Hi David, I can't find the name of the person I spoke to in Vodafone a few months ago about the same matter I had. In my post the other day, I had the problem a second time, however when the old domain hosting company, UTV Internet, removed the name servers from their account for me that did indeed solve the problem. My advice would be to contact the previous hosting company and make sure that has happened from their end, i.e. that they have cancelled the name server records for the domain in question.
The other option you have is to contact Vodafone directly as I did, via their vodafone at home support and explain the matter and eventually you may get talking to someone who knows what the problem is. Be patient, they will help if you get the right person. I'm sorry I can't be of any more help and I wish I had of kept the phone number for the vodafone technician is fixed my original problem. Good luck
Thanks Peter,

I didn't want to go straight down the route of deleting the old nameserver records given the problems others previously mentioned in this thread. Since my client sees the site there's currently no harm done but if anyone was to attempt to reach his site via Vodafone in Ireland, which is likely given he has customers over here, it would be better that they saw the old site rather than a holding page. Nevertheless it's good to hear that it resolved this time for you and that gives me some hope. I'll give it a little more time and then do that too.

Thanks for your help though, its appreciated.

I understand completely, you're right, at least the domain isn't bringing up a page not found, like it did for me on my first domain problem a few months ago. How long ago was the change over? If it's more than a week, I would contact Vodafone, and don't give up, the first tech person you will be put through probably won't even know what you're talking about as they are not trained for this area, so persevere. When I had this problem originally I thought I was the only person getting this problem, as I didn't see this forum, so at least you know you're not crazy!
I remember the good technician I spoke to testing my query by setting up my pc as if it was on googles' servers, by changing the ip address. I can't remember what we did, but anyway once we did that I could see the correct website on my computer, albeit a temporary solution, it may help you with your wordpress edition problem. I will see if I can remember what he told me to do.
Just a quick reply to say thanks for everyone's help. I was able to use the Google DNS settings pointed out by Peter (easy enough to change on a Mac) to continue working on the site until the Vodafone servers finally caught up. I am back using their DNS and everything is now working fine.

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