DNS refresh problem with Vodafone

Discussion in 'Domains and domaining' started by oliflorence, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. archimedia

    archimedia New Member

    That's great news David, glad to help, and glad to hear that the vodafone servers have caught up.
  2. achieve

    achieve New Member

    Anyone have a contact in Vodafone? I currently have similar issue and moving client site to new server. It's really frustrating, particularly when everybody else can see the site and extremely frustrating for client who cannot acces their emails, although I can see them from my side. I can view site fine using Vodafone mobile broadband, but not using their fixed line.
  3. Darren (Vodafone)

    Darren (Vodafone) New Member

    Hiya folks,
    You can PM me if needed? I'll get this info over to the right team for you.

  4. achieve

    achieve New Member

    I thought I had made a previous reply to my message on this thread. Maybe I didn't hit "post" or it was removed? Either way, this is just a quick update, to say that issue has been sorted. I got a call from rep a Vodafone this morning who explained that there was an issue with thier DNS server not getting updated, but that this is now resolved. On checking with my clients I can confirm that all is OK now.
  5. Darren (Vodafone)

    Darren (Vodafone) New Member

    Good to hear - feel free to drop me a mail if you need any further assistance in the future.

  6. Kevin Fox

    Kevin Fox New Member

    Hi Darren, I've tried to contact you via pm. I'm at a dead end with this issue and your help would be appreciated.
  7. Darren (Vodafone)

    Darren (Vodafone) New Member

    Hi Kevin,
    I've passed your PM up the line to the team - they've come back to say that once the old DNS records are cleared down from the previous host, they'll be updated here for you, they're keeping an eye out for the cleardown.

  8. oliflorence

    oliflorence New Member

    Back to square one with another site, this time 3 weeks later, all servers have changed but Vodafone users on 3g are still sent to the old DNS, again i have looked to contact them but can't find where, ringing the regular support just means i will be talking to 20 people that will pass me from one to another....
  9. WebDevOne

    WebDevOne New Member

    Yes likewise I have encountered this. It's resolving the domainname.ie but not www.domainname.ie. I'll PM Darren now...

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