Do you make your sites standards compliant?

Discussion in 'Coding Help' started by mneylon, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. evilhomer

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    Well XP always asks you to enable it. It is one of their "recommended" security preecautions.

    All new PC's with XP come with it enables by default.

    Couldn't give you an exact percentage though.
  2. louie

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    I think the target of designing a website will be from any point of web designer to get it as close as possible can to comply with the W3C. Sometimes is hard to achieve this, working with css hacks, etc., but not impossible.

    The true is if the main frame of the website comply with the W3C then no matter what the client does (50%), it should still look alright in all browsers.

    From my own experience, some websites might look 100% perfect on IE, but checked and viewed on Firefox, was awfully all over the place.
  3. I don't think standards compliancy is a very big deal. In my opinion as browsers go they are not 100% standards compliant and certainly not the same. Even the latest and greatest firefox 3 isn't although it is ever becoming so. A webcoder should not really be thinking about standards but how can I get my website working across all A grade browsers.
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    The trick is to build your sites to standards and use fallback for non-compliant browsers and unobtrusive enhancement that's abstracted from the document. This will future-proof your client's sites. Not doing this is effectively selling your client a short term solution.
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    Pro standards!!

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