Do you spend too much time in front of your computer?

Do you spend too much time in front of a computer?

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I don't know how it can be referred to as too much time on the computer when it's time spent building a business.

For bricks and mortar businesses. no-one questions how long you stay in the office. So why question how long we spend in our office
My fight is not so much against the computer itself, but the time spent being distracted. Not funny any more. Getting control. At least Twitter cuts down the time needed to run blogs!
I often spend 14 hours a day with my computer - work, watching movies, reading e-books, IM & facebook....... news years resolution is to get it down to 8 - wish me luck!
i'm worried about the amount of non productive time i spend on the net.
i'd venture that i'm 5% productive /seriously
I completely agree. I end up chatting to ppl online instead of doing all the productive things I set out to do that and playing games are my 2 biggest time-sucks :)
I do only because I don't really enjoy watching TV. However I've been trying to cut back on my computer time and put it into other productive means like my social life. Can't sit on a computer all day and get what you need for social interaction, no matter if you have 10 chats going :)
apart from sleeping eating and travelling, I'm on a computer all the time, so I guess that is too much but hey I love it and I work with computers so I can't escape them during the day, at night I can go home and play games and sit on Msn.


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I only spend a whole great deal of time in the computer when I get to test a PC gaming software and my part-time job quite unique, that is testing them and checking for bugs and issues, my eyeballs literally drop off my eyes after 6 - 8 hours straight. But I can still say it is just enough time spent on the computer since it is productive anyways and not a waste of time.
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