Do you spruce your sites for Christmas?

Discussion in 'Webmaster Discussion' started by mneylon, Dec 3, 2006.


Do you change your site for Christmas?

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  1. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Do you make any changes to your sites' designs to reflect the season?
  2. TheMenace

    TheMenace New Member

  3. louie

    louie New Member

    Probably for Christmas snow flakes and some other things if there is time for it.
  4. Gavin

    Gavin New Member

    I am not great at designing but I am trying some snow flakes falling onto the banner.
  5. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Want some snowflakes on here? :)

    I'm SO tempted !
  6. daviddoran

    daviddoran New Member

    Go on Michele, it's just about the only thing you don't have on here!
  7. louie

    louie New Member

  8. Gavin

    Gavin New Member


    Yeah go for it Michele.

    Louie cheers for the link, looks easy enough. Right time to head off and make a mess of my websites. Actually, maybe I should add rain for the Irish site.
  9. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    I actually found a plugin / hack for vbulletin that will do a variety of festivals, though to be honest it's not something I'd want to force on you all. I can see the whiney emails already :)
  10. Gavin

    Gavin New Member

    well not from me as its always good to see someone put effort into something.

    Maybe old grumpy granda would post about it, lol.
  11. grandad

    grandad Moderator

    About what? Websites looking festive?

    I can pass on a message to him if you like? ;)
  12. enzo

    enzo New Member

    I used to have a series of logos for x-mas/new years/paddy's day etc. which would change automatically with a fancy bit of SSI. Got rid of it though.

    Generally I think it is a good idea to at least make minor changes for the various holidays.
  13. dave

    dave New Member

    We don't change any of our websites for Christmas, but we do an advent calendar
  14. davidbehan

    davidbehan New Member

    The best approach I think is to be subtle... a bit of graphical tweaking is the key IMO. I find that decorating the logo a little bit can be nice, i.e. a little snow lying on top of the letters, maybe some festive image beside it, etc. It can really be a nice touch without annoying your visitors with things like js falling snow, etc.
  15. Gavin

    Gavin New Member

    Yes because if I remember correctly he doesnt want to be woken until Christmas Day, hohoho. :)
  16. grandad

    grandad Moderator

    He won't be talking to any of us now. He's in the Irish Times today in a feature about Virtual Ireland.

    God, he'll be insufferable after this :(
  17. Gavin

    Gavin New Member

    And there was me thinking the only time we would see him mentioned in the papers is after he kidnaps the person who has been leaving crap outside his gate, lol.
  18. grandad

    grandad Moderator

    That won't be kidnap. That'll be serious assault.
    And they never even mentioned his kidnap to Guantanamo!
    What the hell are they playing at?
  19. Busarus

    Busarus New Member

    I used to when the site was small - but because the background to the logo changes per country and region within that country, it's now too much work....
  20. louie

    louie New Member

    View attachment 38

    there is a easy way of adding a christmas hint to the top of the page.

    first create a div style in your css

    then right below the <body> tag add the div
    position: absolute; 
    //then the div tag as I said below the starting <body> tag
    <div class='holly'></div>

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