Do you spruce your sites for Christmas?

Do you change your site for Christmas?

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Go on Michele, it's just about the only thing you don't have on here!

Yeah go for it Michele.

Louie cheers for the link, looks easy enough. Right time to head off and make a mess of my websites. Actually, maybe I should add rain for the Irish site.


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I actually found a plugin / hack for vbulletin that will do a variety of festivals, though to be honest it's not something I'd want to force on you all. I can see the whiney emails already :)
well not from me as its always good to see someone put effort into something.

Maybe old grumpy granda would post about it, lol.


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Do you make any changes to your sites' designs to reflect the season?
I used to have a series of logos for x-mas/new years/paddy's day etc. which would change automatically with a fancy bit of SSI. Got rid of it though.

Generally I think it is a good idea to at least make minor changes for the various holidays.
The best approach I think is to be subtle... a bit of graphical tweaking is the key IMO. I find that decorating the logo a little bit can be nice, i.e. a little snow lying on top of the letters, maybe some festive image beside it, etc. It can really be a nice touch without annoying your visitors with things like js falling snow, etc.
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I used to when the site was small - but because the background to the logo changes per country and region within that country, it's now too much work....
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there is a easy way of adding a christmas hint to the top of the page.

first create a div style in your css

then right below the <body> tag add the div
position: absolute; 
//then the div tag as I said below the starting <body> tag
<div class='holly'></div>
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