Do you still do print advertising?

Discussion in 'Offline Advertising and Marketing' started by mneylon, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Do you still do print advertising?
  2. brabazon

    brabazon New Member

    I think, print advertising still works. You can see newspapers, magazines, press releases are the major sources to advertise products and services and daily updates about any topic or news. These are the great sources of media.
  3. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

    Apologies if this is off but that just seems like a completely spammy comment to generate link love for your sig?
    Potentially consider it a warning

    My own experience with print advertising has been mixed ... have done mail shots (print) out to was it 20k people ... The was it was done it was difficult to gauge the response on it.

    I've been responsible for placing job adverts in various papers as well before and the response was extremely poor.

    From my own point of view I don't really buy any magazines these days I have a few subscriptions online to a few paid tutorial sites I'm constantly at a computer so don't really hit the papers / magazines ever. I think with the iPad and similar devices coming into play more and more magazines are going to dwindle more and more. It used be a case I'd see a load of people reading the computer magazines in shops over their lunch break ... this has diminished a hell of a lot. At silly money for a advert I can't really see how you can justify the cost. BUT ... you are getting your image out there so as always that probably has pluses. I'd ask Blacknight have ye been able to gauge responses on print campaigns ye've run in the UK mags ? :)
  4. Domybooks

    Domybooks New Member

    I've had terrible results with print advertising in both newspapers and leaflet distribution. For me part of the problem is it costs to much to just try something out. €20 on google adwords or facebook ads can tell me a lot. Whereas with a newpaper that ends up being €400
  5. link8r

    link8r New Member

    I completely agree with @Forbairt re: the spam post. It doesn't even read well in English, I wonder what the IP of the post was? (Forum spam is killing fora across the Interwebz - great to keep the quality at IWF high). A cursory glance at the links posted for the site shows quite a lot of spammy posts on other sites.
  6. link8r

    link8r New Member

    At least €400 - a decent article in any of the business magazines will cost €2,000.00 and its really difficult to track the results. Also, if you've gotten the timing wrong, it's completely wasted. At least with SEO/Social Media/Blog/Social Networking - you leave a lasting digital imprint...

    Business cards and brochures or handouts are the only printing/advertising we do
  7. bober

    bober New Member

    from someone actually working in the print industry the last 4 years - 100% the indusrty has been affected in particular the past 2 years (IMO since the 'full' introduction of facebook into the Irish Market, eh about 2 / 3 years ago (i think) when every moved from bebo to facebook - this is when 'online' landed in every households sitting room). Young & old alike.

    Ever since then, I'd say this is when the decline started to hit the print industry. For me personally 2010 has been the worst year I've ever experienced in terms of sales, staff being let go, 3 days weeks, all that stuff.

    Also, printing with the bigger picture involved there are lots of creative ways to grab attention. Display units, instore advertising, brand awareness at events - It really does depend on the product /service that being sold! In terms of company marketing budgets printing is now competing with online advertising. Therefore what once could have been a 40% print budget now is 15% with the higher ad spend going online.

    Like link8r the only print advertising I do is A3 posters, Flyers, Business cards (but that's because I'm not a large organistion that needs to maintain brand awareness both online & offline) - The rest of my advertising consists of google adwords & social marketing strategy. I have a new website in the making it's for a friends out of work. This project is totally going to consist of online marketing & social marketing on facebook - so we'll see how I get on in what was considered a 'flyer & business card' industry for advertising (I drop a post in the section about new websites when it's finished ;)
  8. Its overpriced.

    It works for a small minority, but not for a lot of business. Esp new/online. There are so many more ways to reach customers, for less.

    AND now print is under threat AGAIN from moving EL posters/print media. Soon Print will actually be multimedia short video (just like Flash, but in the physical real world)

    We recently did a campaign using video stickers!!! on Black cabs in London. You can see them at night, they grab attention in the day and they are low cost (the bulk of the cost is in paying for the right to display them on the cabs)
  9. savantcreative

    savantcreative New Member

    I think print is still necessary for id materials, newspapers and image ads in magazines but as time foes buy it is shrinking and I am glad. It is much greener to avoid print.
  10. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    From my own experience the costs are very high in Ireland compared to the UK, but the US is even more expensive
    Whether it works or not is an interesting question.
    Sure, it is harder to track, but we definitely got sales through it in the past.
  11. Byron

    Byron New Member

    I remember talking to my lecturer in college (marketing) about how he felt the future would be for print advertising, he said something along the lines of, if you can focus on industry specific publications, or leaflet drops you will succeed with it, unless you are looking to saturate your brand - he then cleverly said, you can probably do the same thing online with specific websites, much cheaper.

    All that said, I think people do like seeing something in print - and never using print advertising would probably narrow your brand presence in a market for non-techie or less interested Googlers
  12. TwoHeadsWebDesign

    TwoHeadsWebDesign New Member

    Despite the fact I spend a fair amount of time on here wrt online related marketing and advertising, being a mini advertising company a substantial % of our business still comes from print related work. What has changed over the years is the companies have become more targeted in their approach - so print still is very much alive albeit less than days of old. But bottom line answer to this question is it really depends on the business type/product offering. Some businesses survive on flyer type advertising, some reply heavily on full page press ads, some printed livery and mobile signage. It just all depends on whats being sold.
  13. itabspst

    itabspst New Member


    You shouldn´t focus yourself on one marketing campagin but use the best from different sources!
  14. Elegant_Designs

    Elegant_Designs New Member

    Having print ads in your marketing mix won't hurt but IMO I won't put in too much investments unless your targeted audiences mainly read newspaper or other print medias etc...
  15. SEO

    SEO New Member

    DEAD DEAD DEAD unless you have a bluechip budget for brand building.

    ROI in comparison to digital doesnt make sense :)

    If anyone can show me different for their hard copies I'll buy some.
  16. piotr

    piotr New Member

    in my opinion each channel is goog if you know how to use it the best marketing is then when You use all them together, ATL, BTL, SEM, SEO, SaaS, OM, SM, WEB2.0 marketing, and dont forget to give some WHS blast.
    always start from your budget point

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