Do you use images in your blog posts?

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I do. I have provision built into my CMS to handle images of a certain size that fit snugly into the post wrapper... but I can add custom HTML also. It's always good to use images to reenforce your message. Even if your blog is full of moronic silliness. :D


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for some of my sites I like using images, especially if your talking about a product or moaning about a feature.

Images for the sake of it "no", images which help explain your point "problem with keyboard" or you think something from a service/product just makes no sense - hell yes :)


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Seems to me that post 6 says that you aren't interested in the copyright issues...

well I guess you can :
A) Fotoshop the images
B) Buy a licence to use the image
C) buy an exclusive ownership to the image (so nobody else can buy it / use it)
D) go to hell [Borrow/rip off the images]
E) contact owner and seek permission (and give em credit/link lurve i guess)
Option D and A in that order please.


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I've been using some images but find it annoying to have to resize them in Fireworks, upload them in Dreamweaver and then pull the absolute url into Word Press.
Am I taking the scenic route with all this? There's gotta be an easier way. I'd probably be posting a lot more if there was.


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Why are you uploading them in DW?

All I ever do is resize / crop them and upload them via the interface


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Hi there,

I put images in nearly every post as most of mine are step by step type posts but even on the short posts I like to put in a few pics ... worth 1000 words and all that.

Lots of my images are screengrabs and I tend to use my own photographs too, but Where photo reference lives. and [SIZE=-1] are good for freebies that can be 'shopped. There's a fairly new free stock image search engine that people might be interested in, if you haven't seen it before. It's called http://[/SIZE][SIZE=-1] . I find that pretty handy too.


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I know Grandad gets a lot of his images off Google Images. If anyone complains, he'll write a 'nice' post about them. But no-one reads his blog anyway.

Apart from that, he takes his own or does screen-grabs. I don't think he is particularly concerned with copyright, political correctness or anything else, for that matter.


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I do use images the odd time but not too often - I'll usually use one of my own photos or else find something off the internet (get permission first). On another blog I co-run we sometimes use Flickr images and link back (once we contact the owner first).

Peter McC

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I make my own.

I obviously don't include them in all posts as that would take too long (and more interest than I can sometimes muster) but I'm not a post-a-day kind of guy so sometimes I do make the effort.

My blog is hosted on WordPress, has virtually no customization so the home-made pics add a little personal touch. Most of them are in posts filed under blogging category (maybe all of them?).

If I'm writing a post about something like the Wayback Machine I just screen grab and edit.
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