Does anyone else feel that direct traffic from social bookmarking sites is worthless?

Discussion in 'Monetisation Tips & Tricks' started by waynewex, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. waynewex

    waynewex New Member

    I'm talking about direct traffic here; not the traffic you'll inevitably get from increased link popularity. Whenever one of my websites gets posted on Reddit or Digg or Stumbleupon, I get a lot of visitors, but little to no ad revenue. I just feel as if the users of those websites are far too Internet-savvy to click on any adverts. Hell; a lot of them don't even get to see my ads as they have adblocker on. Anyone else find this particularly frustrating?
  2. Styla

    Styla New Member

    No paid attention on them because i use social bookmarking for SEO purposes only. I don't care what users do.
  3. zxn

    zxn New Member

    It depends on your niche and type of your page's monetization method. For example, on CPM, you'll get some money. Or if you can offer something to them that these typical Facebook-guys like.
  4. M@rc

    M@rc Member

    Still! Any traffic that you can get is good, as long as it doesn't violate any terms of service of the the program that you're using to get revenue.

    You can also show your traffic stats for alternative ways, to earn money - maybe by selling ad spots on your site, etc.

    The mind is a powerful tool, xD
  5. dropbop

    dropbop New Member

    When I get a link posted on the likes of twitter or Facebook, i have found that my site gains about 20 to 40 visitors straight away... all bots. They could spend about 20 minutes rummaging around the website. Could that be what happening on your site Styla?
  6. Alerner

    Alerner Member

    I think the usefulness of sites like Reddit or Digg or Stumbleupon is worthless for Irish traffic.

    These are American oriented sites ... and while there may be many SEO reasons for using them, for actual traffiic, no.
  7. neojr

    neojr New Member

    I have been had a lot of traffic and a few conversions from StumbleUpon.
  8. Stality

    Stality New Member

    I dont have hard data to back this but I think there is an indirect relationship between how tech savvy a user is and how many ad clicks he does.

    People who spend massive amount of time online tend to develop ad-blindness, or they directly learn how to install browser pluggings and remove the ads.

    The opposite also holds true, users below the average will tend to click a lot more on ads. I think sometimes they dont even know they are clicking on advertising.

    This is why adsense worked so well at the begginging (at least for me). People knew the old top banner was an ad, but the rest was "part of the page".

    Social media users are well above the average, they even notice the ads.
  9. ThatMichaelKid

    ThatMichaelKid New Member

    As frustrating as it may be, due to the fact that they may or may not have ad-clicker on and/or don't click on your ads, I still believe that Social Bookmarking definitely comes in at a beneficial pace. One of the posts above me said the truth, any and all traffic is good, some may get below you and not get any at all - at least it gives you more of a chance at getting the revenue, unlike many others.
  10. imjustgtd

    imjustgtd New Member

    I think it helps only as far as backlinking or maybe game downloads. If you actually want a social user to whip out their wallet, you're gonna have to have some damn good copy.
  11. condra

    condra New Member

    I've been experimenting with this in recent months using Fiverr gigs. When I buy a few extra backlinks or ad space, my traffic and stats all rise slightly, and the increased traffic flow remains thereafter. When someone does a mass tweet, I get a reasonable traffic influx for a couple of days, but the bounce rate goes through the roof and the average time on site plummets. I'm inclined to agree "casual social traffic" isn't very valuable compared to organic traffic. Then again, some of the guys I've been using weren't very targetted in their massive following.

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