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Discussion in 'Domains Wanted' started by mneylon, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Anybody got any domains or sites for sale?
  2. SlitheryImp

    SlitheryImp New Member

    I'm thinking of selling one of my sites as I am not able to devote enough time to it. It's currently earning between 300-400 euro per month, divided between text-link-ads, AdSense and TradeDoubler.
  3. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Ok. What is for sale exactly?
  4. SlitheryImp

    SlitheryImp New Member

    The entire site, as is... and the domain name of course.

    The codings a bit of a mess though (Asp.Net). Basically this was a hobby site that grew out of hand, and I'm having trouble committing enough time to it.
  5. daviddoran

    daviddoran New Member

    I imagine the potential is there because of the returning visitors the site already has but to me when I first looked at the page everything looked like Adsense ads. I haven't a clue where to look or what's going on when I land on the page.
  6. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry for not replying sooner :)

    If you are serious about selling it pop me an email with an expected price (michele at - I don't have a huge budget for purchases at the moment and my knowledge of ASP / is non-existent :)
  7. Amateur

    Amateur New Member

    Out of interest and curiosity, how can you value a site? Based on returning traffic or what? Is their any guideline or protocol for putting a figure on a site?
  8. SlitheryImp

    SlitheryImp New Member

    Usually, the going rate is about 12x monthly revenue when you are selling smaller sites. But... if you have a great idea, or your site has incredible potential, you may receive much, much more... think youtube, writely, blogger etc.
  9. Amateur

    Amateur New Member

    So your 12 multiplied by the monthly revenue as a once off payment for it, is it? Does the number of visits, page views, returning visitors have any factor in it?
  10. SlitheryImp

    SlitheryImp New Member

    the 12x is just a guideline, in the end a website is worth what the buyer is willing to pay for it...

    BTW. email sent to Blacknight, have a merry Xmas everyone!
  11. 3rigena

    3rigena New Member

    "estimate the value of your web-site" type scripts / tools

  12. DomainsBitch

    DomainsBitch New Member

    just sent you a pm
  13. Streamingflv

    Streamingflv New Member

  14. stelar

    stelar New Member

    Dublin 1 dot Com For Sale

    If you are looking for a domain to buy I have

    Dublin 1 dot Com

    For sale

  15. shikha

    shikha New Member


    Ok, Tell me wats the price of that?

  16. stelar

    stelar New Member

    Not to waste yours and my time... i would not consider any bids below £1,000
  17. jsweb

    jsweb New Member

    Any more sites for sale...?

    I'm also interested in the domain "xxxxxx" if anyone knows the holder. The site doesn't look like it is being used, or hasn't taken off but would be useful for one of our clients.

    Finally, do any of you have clients running Zen Cart that you no longer want to manage? As we eat, drink and live Zen Cart we would be very interested to talk more with you, offering our support and even taking on a number of these clients for you (we can talk pricing for the referral in pm)

    (Note: A good number of our clients joined us with OsCommerce which we migrated to Zen Cart on their request; so again if you have clients running OsCommerce then do let us know)

    Regards -- Jamie
  18. Tugeza

    Tugeza Banned

    I have got an seo site for sale. Now that we have permanent clients most of whom belong to a certain niche the 2006 domain website might do good to somebody else.

    Domain registered: 2006
    PR: 4
    Comes with the blog: Blog PR 3
    Comes with the list of link exchange partners, their contact e-mails.
    Traffic: 10 - 25 visitors per day.
    Top 10 Google for: Affordable seo, outsourcing seo, offshore website promotion and alike
    Website is for sale with all its content.

    Start price: 2500 USD
  19. DrAnte

    DrAnte New Member

    I have lot of tourism and travel domain so if you need something...
  20. letsmove

    letsmove New Member

    Can you send me those domains also please
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