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Hey all,

This is probably the most simple thing to do but I can't manage it at all!!

I've created an A4 letter for a friend's company in Illustrator CS3. (I've little knowledge of the app!) In this document, there is a header part - company logo - address etc. It's all one block - 610x130 pixels in size. I want to place this section of the letter into a header in word. He has premade fax sheets etc, so I just need to tighten the workarea in illustrator to the exact size and export as a JPEG and import it into the header section...

In Illustrator, I've done the following: File > Document setup > entered the approx size for the header section. Export > Jpeg...

BUT - the file seems to have the entire A4 background with the header sitting in the middle of it! - it's not the size I wanted at all!

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!


Can you not crop it out of Illustrator using some cropping tool and then paste it into Word?
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