Duplicate Content Via WordPress Theme

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Hi Guys

Recently I helped out a buddy with a WordPress website for his business. A theme was purchased and away we went. Everything seemed fine until the final stages. Basically the theme is designed to pull content from any page on the website to use for the homepage.

Example below. So I made the page test--site.ie/20-21 as a content page to display content on the homepage.


Hence we went ahead and built a page with content specifically for the homepage. I seen the duplicate content problem ahead and removed the page test--site.ie/20-21 from the sitemap hoping that Google would not index it in Webmaster tools.

Well the page did index and it and is now in the seprs.

I am no programmer but I was thinking of a 301 redirect from the content page to the homepage. I am wondering will this negativity affect the backend of the site?

Anyone know a easier or more straight forward way. Im all ears.

Hope I explained this ok :)


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I'm confused as to the issue here! I have a home page of one site the holds the first 10 lines of the 20 latest stories, that could be considered as Dup - but its no big one. The things about Dupe is that Google decides, on seeing two articles the same, which one to show first and which to show 'second' (not first) in the serps.

A 301 from the content page will mean that the page will never be seen again. Sooner or later it will drop our of the serps
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