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Discussion in 'Monetisation Tips & Tricks' started by merline, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. merline

    merline New Member


    I would like to know if there are good free ways to earn money with a website.

  2. situsum

    situsum New Member

    Try Weetix, it is a good way to earn money with a website.

    You can create a ranking of songs, celebrities, girls, etc. The best is to create something in relation with your website.

    Your visitors will vote for their favorite candidate and they can pay to get more votes. Then, you will earn a commission every month.

    You can also share your rankings with other webmasters to earn revenue together.

  3. IPAlarms

    IPAlarms New Member

    Google AdSense is probably the most popular way to earn money from your web site.
  4. Beaker123

    Beaker123 New Member

    affiliate marketing = clickbank
    adsense = google = adbrite
    banner space auctions = leadbolt (ppc)
    PPV = novamov (you can set up file share and movie clipembedding) pays $15 CPM
    fileshare = megaupload, rapidshare
    CPA = content locking
    banner ads with PPC or CPM

    the list is endless but hope it gives you some ideas
  5. waynewex

    waynewex New Member

    I second Google Adsense. Start up a website or blog that is targeted towards a niche market and deploy Google Adsense adverts. Niche markets always perform better in this respect.
  6. Byron

    Byron New Member

    Selecting a niche that you are interested in, learning as much about it as possible, paying minimal hosting and domain costs, and blogging / linking about it, then get advertisements on your website, alternatively xxx affiliate schemes are very lucrative if you are that way inclined and find a willing host.
  7. M@rc

    M@rc Member

    It'll be harder to earn money for having no cash. You need to spend cash, to make cash.

    If you want to make money without spending, you can try, ;)

    Get free web hosting, get a free domain or find someone willing to sponsor you a top level domain, publish unique content on your website and sign up for Adsense or a similar network.

    Then, after a while, you'll start earning money.

    But, it's not that easy! You need to learn Search Engine Optimization and you must know a lot of your niche, if you're going to publish unique content to your site daily.

    Well, good luck, :)
  8. neojr

    neojr New Member

    Sell ads and sponsored reviews.
  9. ThatMichaelKid

    ThatMichaelKid New Member

    This really is the most popular way to earn money from your website, it's pretty easier over the others to use as well, even though they can come in very useful which is much better than others which lack the 'money making' idea. However, it's definitely harder for you to make money if you have none to begin with, a lot of people believe that you need money to make money, I personally don't, but it isn't impossible.
  10. ajensen

    ajensen New Member

    If your website is about books, charge authors for book reviews and post them on your site.
  11. dota2hook

    dota2hook New Member

    Id say that Google Adsense is ofcourse the most popular one. But you need Millions of Daily visitors, to get rich by it. The best chances are, that you make your Website Popular in a special niche, get a nice PR, than try to rent Ad-Spaces | Links.

  12. link8r

    link8r New Member

    I have an affiliate site that is just a sub-domain on a US site. I had a very clever Irish-related domain attached to it but they got disconnected along the way. I checked the account last week and found that even though the main domain had been dropped by Google, the sub-domain was still making $1600 a year on its own!
  13. Christy Anne Luke

    Christy Anne Luke New Member

    Selling ads to other site owners via BuySellAds is always a guaranteed way to earn money. If your blog is very popular, you could also monetize by selling paid blog posts to site owners who have similar products. You won't want to promote anything not related to your site as this could have a detrimental affect on your search engine ranking.

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