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From experience, does it take long from initial start up to see some earnings come through, ie till the cookies start kicking in?

I’ve recently signed up and have approx 7000 impressions in a short space of time ( a week) but a tiny CTR rate and no earnings.

I like some of the clients Tradedoubler has but CTR is less than a third what I’m getting on Adsense. I think I have the ads relatively well matched to the relevant areas on my site.

Also somewhat related there is a good discussion here (http://www.webmasterworld.com/advertising/3999469.htm ) on Clicks versus Impressions and the values that can be placed on them.

Can we also use TD’s clients on their UK site for Irish websites. There are number of clients on their UK site I am interested in which have no specific campaign targeted at Ireland, but I think I could do something with some of them. If so can this be done through an Irish account?



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Hi Alan,

I'd be happy to assist you with this. We need to consider many factors when we review results:

- Traffic levels
- Quality of traffic
- Audience
- Site proposition
- Relevancy
- Integration

As a first step could you email your TradeDoubler username to Publisher Support. I will get back to you with my feedback.

In addition, I will set you up as a cross border publisher with TradeDoubler UK. You have access to all UK programmes.

Best regards,

Eoin Clarke
Publisher Sales Manager
TradeDoubler Ireland


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A lot would depend on placement and integration ...
I've had thousands of impressions of some ads and no conversions ....

Conversely speaking I've had a reasonably good return on others ...


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You need to have lots of patients and don't lose hope before you''l be able to see the result.
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