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Im looking at cloud hosting to replace my dedicated server to reduce costs.

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I really like the way they have the bars to calculate your cost when all other hosting providers seem lacking and want you to submit a sort of old school enquiry form. I can get a really nice server there.... I want to rank sites in Ireland though and wondering if I need to host them in Ireland.

I see hosting365 start their cloud options at 100 euros monthly whereas crystaltech will give me more than I need for 50 USD. What am I missing? :)
I would advise you to look a little deeper into the reviews of this company before you go purchasing an "unbeatable package deal". Most of these companies who offer such deals often lack severely and sorely in support and customer service.
I have been using them for 4 years for my dedicated server. Their support is 24/7 live chat, phones and email. They have sorted every problem on the live chat for me instantly in most cases, a few hours in others.
I have recently moved most of my client's websites from a Dedicated Server to a new VPS. So far so good. Not only is the new VPS more powerful and with lots more options than my old dedicated server, it also comes in significantly cheaper. New VPS so far can handle loads no problem, support is excellent, and if I wish to up capacity I can do so virtually on a daily basis, and only pay extra for the days that extra RAM / Processing power is required. Having said, I think if I do need to upgrade, I will simply upgrade full stop, and not throttle up and down as needed. PM me if you want details of who I have used. On the other hand may be better to ask me how I'm getting on in a month's time.
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