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Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by mneylon, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. mneylon

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    As this comes up here and elsewhere quite a bit I think it deserves its own sticky.

    PhpList - Php / MySQL email list management. Read the documentation carefully, as it won't send any mail until you edit one variable

    DadaMail - Perl email list management software.

    GroupMail - Windows based mass email software (Irish made!). Free version available with some limitations.
  2. Packet

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    Nice post, I get this question all the time too.
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  5. figment

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    Toddle - for creating great looking newsletters in the first place.
    Can be sent with most of the email managers mentioned above.
  6. LOC

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    Enables you to send email and mobile campaigns and does all the tracking for you as well as providing you with reports and success figures.
  7. aathuls

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    The email marketing is fast terms in production. The target audience is the main factor successful in Email Marketing.
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  9. WoW

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    constant contact

    I use different companies for managing mailshots but to date have found to be the best with regard to feedback on recipients activity with your mail
  10. learnpipe

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    Vertical Response

    We use a service called vertical response - the reporting functionality is very useful. List management is also very slick. It costs approx $20 to send 1500 emails. Haven't used similar services so I am not sure if this is competitive or not.
  11. websitedesign

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    Campainmonitor and aweber are costly but worth it
  12. writie

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    I would help if they told me which one! Currently looking at Constant Contact, although it's hard to tell the services apart from the outside.

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