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Discussion in 'Webmaster Discussion' started by ryanoryan, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. ryanoryan

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    I am currently doing a bit of work with a professional services firm who are slow to take responsibility for creating content to keep their website fresh. Anybody have any good experience or tips to help encourage staff members to create content and input to the firms website?

    I have buy-in from the MD but we are stuggling to come with a good way to get the staff involved. We don't want it to be a case of the MD dictating to a particular staff member that they must generate two news items per week.

    All opinions appreciated.

  2. mneylon

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    Maybe they've got a particular area of interest that they might want to write about and share their experiences?
    I know it's not easy ..
  3. link8r

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    It's not easy and you'll need to classify the rejection/refusal mindset in order to go about changing it. A direct order will only firm up the refusal mindset.

    Rejection ranges from issues around fear, confidence, capability, ability and training.

    Things you can try:

    1. Showcase a positive outcome - like end-user information building which will make their job easier
    2. A business sales case - for each blog/article/post we do, we get an x% increase in traffic and based on our conversion rate, this = 10 free leads a month
    3. A business imperative - look at what Acme Corp are doing...the *******'s
    4. Let them sink - if you don't do this (last case)

    Ultimately, either find a champion and reward them or drag in help :)
  4. ryanoryan

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    Cheers for the replies.

    Ya, if I (they) could get lucky and pick up a client on back of an article they read on the website it would make things a whole lot easier.

    Or as you suggest, point out to them a rival company that is generating a lot of content and are featuring regularly on authority sites. As I said, I have the buy in from the very top, it's the middle management who I need to create the content as it wouldn't be cost effective for the senior guys to spend a couple of hours writing an article.
  5. Alerner

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    Firstly, they need an internal champion for this, who does not need to be a partner or a revenue generating person, but a person who loves, lives and breathes social, mobile etc. Once that person starts things moving, the others will wake up and want to take part.

    They need testimonials, FAQs, case studies, white papers, a Twitter account, an industry news monitoting ... all focused on what their clients' worry about from day to day, focused
    on the intersection between where their clients' businesess needs are met with that particular outsourced service (law, accountancy, whatever).

    Overall, they need a content management strategy to put it into place and practice (timing, responsibilities). Dropping a few ads from the industry magazine will pay for it.

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