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Can anyone recommend an Irish supplier for exhibition stands? Not looking for the really big ones - more along the lines of a small stand for 1 or 2 people
How do you define "stand"? Usually any expo will divvy out designated space and within that you can fill it any way you like. They usually depending on the promoter give you some basics like 3 closed sides, an overhead plynth, an external sign, where some only give you the overhead plynth and you have to deal with open sided stands.
Or are you talk more about the totally standalone solution that you see in shopping centres etc? There is a kind of industry standard 3x3 mtr popup. Its relatively easy to manage for one person if a little heavy but can be a bit of a pain if it had to be erected/collapsed ever day. Which is why the more bog standard pull-up banners as so popular, and despite what any of the suppliers will tell you about the longer life of their material over anyone elses, bottom line is if youre moving it about alot its going to have a short life span anyway. These guys have always been both competitive, creative and quality - Printing Graphic Design Business Cards Displays Signage at Printing.ie Ireland Irish Print
Or this smaller operation are also very much above board, helpful, friendly etc etc Display Systems and Banner stands Ireland - Focus
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Sorry if I wasn't clear .. it's not an area I'm overly familiar with

The kind of thing I'm looking for is the "standalone" type thing .. (I think!)
I believe this is what you need so Value Popup displays stands - trade shows - conferences - exhibitions
They have it at a good price too at the moment and it can look very very impressive (if designed properly of course :)
A client of ours have used theirs in so many locations incl a nice slot they got on primetime RTE news a few months back, as their main backdrop - viewers would never have known where the filming had actually taken place :)
It would be similar to one of those small wheelie bins (i know not a great reference). Its quite heavy and would take 2 to lift it with ease, 1 might struggle, but it is on wheels - just like a wheelie bin in fact. :)
Why not get a pop-up stand X2 and put them in each corner behind you? They fold up into a 4m zip-up cloth container. Snap will design + digitally print for ~€100 each with the stand - you can put in a shaded background etc - very portable and handy - even aeroplane friendly!
When you add in their design and artwork fee its a little pricey in todays market at least. We offer the complete service for these (design, electronic proofs for signoff, artwork and print). PM if you want a quote/previous examples.
All you (your designer) need to do is obtain the template from your chose provider, position your artwork as required (ensuring 300dpi of course) and then its simply a matter of who you decide to run with. Ive used both references supplied and both are as good as each other in terms of service, quality, speed etc. Best of luck with it.
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