'extra' hosting services

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Hi all,

im curious about extra hosting services offered by many hosts such as sitebuilders and free scripts etc...

I have been asked to review one in particular for a small host and know that blacknight use it (sitemagix) so how do you find it blacknight? do you find people use it much? does it produce valid code? it seems cheap and ive looked at some of the sites that use the templates it provides and they dont really appeal to me but then i would not be the target market for this kind of thing... is it an appealing service for clients?

There is also a host in the uk that provide tools that allow you to chat 'live' with visitors on your site amongst other tools, anybody on the selling side of these services have any thoughts?


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The sitebuilder is much more popular than I would have expected.

We also offer a lot of open source scripts as "easy installers" and they've proved immensely popular

thanks for the reply michele,

do you find people using the sitemagix solution as their sole website builder? Also, as a designer yourself do you find the sites created with this solution up to standard? the googlesitemaps thing is useful and the creators seem to have taken a lot into account regarding new trends but the demo sites and testimnial sites they show seem a bit, i dont know 'loose' i suppose. anybody else have any experience with this and/or other offerings?


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I'm not a designer!

As for what people are using to build their sites - you'd have to ask them. Most of the site builders are exclusive ie. you can't build it using one and then hope to edit it using Dreamweaver / Expression Web / $random software