facebook - FBML 'Welcome Page'

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Hi I'm currently making a custom facebook page using static HTML.

Does anyone know the max width of a facebook custom/welcome page?

I'm thinking about 300px?

Thanks for that article!

& yea link8r must be fixed width beacuse I used a large image (1000px wide) on my welcome page & most of it was missing!

Here's one for you while were on the topic of HTML & FBML, I'm only newish to html using dreamweaiver! Is it ok to create my design in wordpress (create new page) then covert the design to HTML? (It's easier for me as im not totally familiar with breamweaiver). I'm just looking for a bit of clarity here to be honest :)
cheers for the info, in 'general' the size is 520 x 650px (max width is 520px & I suppose the length can be what you like) I'd like your page but I can't understand the language or what it's about, sorry.

But for your reply here's a tip, when you get to over 25 fans create a friendly url with this link http://www.facebook.com/username so your page could be like facebook.com/Vidaus-apdaila instead of facebook.com/pages/Vidaus-apdaila/1897e23897812374 :)
Not open for further replies.
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