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Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)' started by Cormac, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Cormac

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  2. mneylon

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    Interesting :)
  3. 3rigena

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  4. 3rigena

    3rigena New Member

    well my buddy and I are launching our first facebook app today (he already has one in the bag) . I'll let you guys know how rich we get :) got another one due for release this week too.

    gotta be in it to win it:D
  5. webman1

    webman1 New Member

    Hi 3rigena,

    How do you actually make money from a Facebook app?

    All facebook apps are free that i use?

    Also, are they difficult to make. Do you have to store them on your own server or Facebooks servers etc.
  6. Geoff

    Geoff New Member

    I second those questions :)
  7. 3rigena

    3rigena New Member

    well there are many roads to mecca, however the way I personally make money from facebook apps is this:

    create a useful app, which targets a niche, and is viral in nature and lets the people know something about your tastes. Pimp the app in relevant niche forums, groups and so on..

    say you are into movies / video-games- you might make a Facebook app called ("what movie i am watching", or "what i am playing")

    the app will put the info into your profile, along with a link to amazon where the user can buy the movie / game or whatever (obviously using MY amazon affiliate link)

    squids in.

    incidentally in case anyone wondered you host the FBook App on your server, and use your own dbase etc.

    I'll let u know if I manage to make $1,000,000 a week from a facebook app lol
  8. Geoff

    Geoff New Member

    Nice one, thanks for the ideas.

  9. 3rigena

    3rigena New Member

  10. PaulSymonds

    PaulSymonds New Member


    I have been using Facebook PPC to test it against Adwords PPC an the CTRs are much cheaper on Facebook and you can target people much better. Adwords overall seems much better though as the reporting structure, ability to include conversions and the way you can target much more in Adwords reallY i think makes it better.

    Regards Facebook applications. Well worth doing fo viral marketing if you can.
  11. rrjnsy89

    rrjnsy89 New Member

    I don’t know, I still think facebook lacks a very important thing when you compare it to search engines. And that is, when you’re in facebook you’re just having some fun, not looking for services of any kind, sure there can be benefits from advertising on its ads and apps, but still, it would be limited on having an actual use for people rather than being publicity, anyone with me on this?
  12. skipzwolf

    skipzwolf New Member

    Facebook PPC advertising - Monitor well

    Hey, I signed up with the facebook PPC program and I have to say it is excellent. Not really targeted for my business but for getting your site known is very good.

    Here I would only advise you one thing. Your click rate will be high. Make sure you know what you want to spend and ensure you check back regularly to monitor what clicks you have had. I got caught out and before I knew it had spent 10 times more than I had budgeted for.

    You can set budgets, but in my experience I have to say, be ready for a lot of attention.

    If I can help anyone out with setting it up for them, just let me know.

  13. Maximum Bob

    Maximum Bob New Member

    Early days using facebook but I have certainly seen a marked difference between the CTR on facebook vs Google ad words using roughly the same budget
  14. rockfieldllc

    rockfieldllc New Member

    It seems its real easy to collect fans but actual customers is another story
  15. NotAnAdmin

    NotAnAdmin New Member

    My experience with Facebook ads is mixed so far. But I expect it to get better and better within the next months, as more people add interests and likes. Administration of campaigns is not as smooth as AdWords and especially when targeting narrowly click and especially conversion rates get gradually worse. Key is variation of ads and to make campaigns run for a limited period of time.
    As I see it Facebook is perfect for local businesses/offers in service industries.
  16. jayk

    jayk New Member

    I must say that i have been getting better results from using Facebook PPC over Adswords, plus i find it cheaper and my ads are much likely to get seen.
  17. Taffy Boggle

    Taffy Boggle New Member

    I'm with you - 100%.

    I reckon its down to how defined are your objectives from your spend. My objectives are sales - I am only interested in direct return on investment from last months PPC spend - so adwords ability to get my name known is completely irrelevant to my success / failure measure.

    Facebook cant give me those sales event figures but I guess I can get it from G Analytics. When I have time I'll give Facebook a go. But my expectations are low - because the reason my potential customers are on Facebook is primarily leisure reasons - yes they may ask "where can you get x product or is x product worthwhile" but with that Facebook interaction on that query they will search either the shop or the product through google ie direct product/service inquiries originating on facebook will in majority go through google anyway.

    The only other sale opportunity with Facebook ads is the impulse purchase. In my space an example would be a bunch of friends reacting to one whose child has nappy rash. One of that bunch is incidentally looking for a wooden jigsaw. My add comes up, its clicked and I have a sale. This works IMO only for low value incidental purchases. If its a decent value for the purchaser then google search again will be used

    That leaves us on Facebook with pure brand awareness adds - which are out for small e-tailers like me. Because every penny is a prisoner and with Facebook I cant measure a financial return on brand awareness adds after a month or year.

    When I put up the add - I'll let you know my result.
  18. Market-Swings

    Market-Swings New Member

    What sort of conversion rates are you guys looking at re Facebook & Google Adwords ?
  19. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    I've seen massive differences depending on the campaign - some were really high, others really low - and expensive
  20. jmcclements

    jmcclements New Member

    Disclaimer - I am biased - and there are exceptions I guess, but by and large AdWords is great, and FB ads suck big time.

    And I will continue to think this until someone shows me conclusive evidence that FB ads work brilliantly with regards to direct return on investment for Small and medium sized businesses.

    Conversion rates do vary wildly. From around 30% for lead generation to less than 1% for some e-commerce sites. Though this figure is not very meaningful on its own.

    e.g. If I was bidding on my own brand name the conversion rate might be like 10 times higher than non brand terms. Should I stop bidding on non-brand terms and improve my conversion rate massively? No. There may be some non brand keywords that have a conversion rate much lower than the average for the site. Should I stop bidding on them? Not if they are still making me a profit...

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