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Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by mneylon, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Following up on an earlier post I thought I'd start this off with my personal favourites.

    To make things simpler I'll only list FREE addons:

    Archive Adsense - puts adsense in your archives. You could easily use it for other types of banners etc.,

    CFM: Google AdSense for Search Integration - vBulletin.org Forum - does what it says on the tin. I'm not sure if people make any money from this, but the tight integration is really nice

    Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics - vBulletin.org Forum - down the bottom of this site's main page. I'm not sure how many people use it and it might be more suited to admins only, but it is interesting

    Check Proxy RBL on New User Registration. - vBulletin.org Forum - stop spammers from registering based on DNS blacklist checks.

    Members who have visited Today (or in the last 24 hours). - vBulletin.org Forum - handy :)

    Spam Decimator - probably the most useful plugin in any vbulletin admin's arsenal. Removing spam is time consuming. This reduces it to one click

    Welcome Headers - very handy at reminding / encouraging people to join and post more frequently. The upcoming release of VB has this built in

    vbBOL - displays spiders / bots in the who's online list. More for admins than users. This functionality is now included in VB as of the upcoming 3.7 release

    iTrader - very handy if you've got any trading / sale / swap system so you can leave feedback alla ebay

    Ultimate Side Columns - control the side columns easily

    phpAdsNew Integration - if you're using phpadsnew this makes sense
  2. paintballer.ie

    paintballer.ie New Member

    My Installed List:

    Auto Tagger (very hand)
    Advanced Pm System System
    vbadvanced links
    front page slide show
    attention zero posters
    banned members log
    moder action log
    spiders on home page - not doing much
    cyb chatbox - forum members love it
    cyb advanged reg
    ame automatic media embed - the best for youtube embedding
    change posts owner - handy
    forum auto reply - only in intro forum, reminds people of rules and welcomes them
    sub forum manager - clean up forums
    flash chat 4 integration
    usercp icons
    staff list
    cyb banner rototar
    advanced reputation system
    auto database back up
    search for your threads
    usergroup colour
    usercp Navbar

    On my to try out list:
    downloads II
    video directory
    micro business

    Tried but uninstalled:
    Advanced forum stats - no need for it yet
    Guest registration lite - bit ott and annoying to guest I thought
    tag cloud on forum home - removed, clutter
    Facebook Connect - not being used
    vbexperience - clutter
    itrader - not being used, I have a forum for it instead
    add ignore user to postpit - not needed, my community dont ignore peeps
    Vb album - use vbpic instead

    Hacks looking for vb3.8:
    Google map intergration
    News letter or Digest function
  3. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    I'll update it if I go on another vb plugin spree - feel free to post your own discoveries
  4. paintballer.ie

    paintballer.ie New Member

    Will Do. I have a few taged on vbulletin.org and I will update my first post above as I install and give a quick feedback.
  5. paul

    paul Ninja

  6. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    There's a couple of ones that go with that as well if I recall

    I'm using it on a few sites and I *think* it helps a small bit with seo, as it pulls the spiders deepers - course I couldn't be talking out of my ear !
  7. paintballer.ie

    paintballer.ie New Member

    Updated my first post with my installed hacks and general hacks wish list

    Site is still not live yet, about another month and the change over will be complete.
  8. paintballer.ie

    paintballer.ie New Member

    updated my first post again with current hacks installed
  9. paintballer.ie

    paintballer.ie New Member

    I have another update on what hacks I am using. I put reasons for why I uninstalled some.
  10. bugzy

    bugzy New Member

    I love the auto tagger it's very useful! :)

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