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A new search system launched today at (The .ie Domain drop list - - deleted and expired Irish domains) will help Irish citizens find their dream Internet address in just one click.

The service allows users to type in a single word, click a button, and be presented with a wide range of available domain names that not only contain that term but also related words.

So, for example, a search for “espresso” will not only bring up “” but also “”. With one more click you can either find out information about the domain itself or go straight through and register it online.

The semantic search should save Internet users hours of time, managing director of Blacknight, Michele Neylon, explained, as they will no longer need to type in individual names in the hope of finding one that is still available. “One of the biggest problems with getting your own address online is that so many domains are already registered,” says Neylon. “You can literally waste hours looking for the right one -- and then give up trying.”

With Blacknight’s search the Internet addresses that are available are automatically displayed on the page, along with related terms making it easier than ever before to find your space online. (The .ie Domain drop list - - deleted and expired Irish domains) is currently focused on dotcoms and Ireland’s dot-ie domains, with other endings such as dot-info and offered after a certain name is chosen, but if successful, the company plans to expand the service to other top-level domains.

The service also provides links to domains that are registered but have been put up for sale. And more plans at expansion are afoot, including a possible integration with Google Maps to show up the geographic nature of domain names.

“If you have any ideas,” Neylon says, “just post a comment to our blog or email ‘’ and we’ll look into it.”

A blog post covering the service is online now at: The best damn domain search you will find online - Blacknight Blog - Hosting - Domains
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