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I'm selling my information marketing business and "quitting" after 6+ years. No big drama reasons. No need to dig up conspiracy theories. I'm just changing gears. It's been fun but I'm moving onto other focuses...

With that in mind, I've been sending some "closing out" emails to my in-house subscribers.

I figured THIS ONE will be of interest to other internet marketers on this forum.

Thanks. - Rob


Much of today's "online information marketing" scene
(often called "internet marketing") revolves around
one main marketing gear: affiliates.

Recruiting "JVs", "super-affiliates" etc to promote
your new product or launch.

Very typical.

Nothing wrong with it.

In fact, it's a great way to get a lot of exposure,
endorsed promotions and fr*ee traffic.

That last part is probably why it's so common...
many who get started aren't able to or never properly
bothered to budget for advertising.

To promtoe their site, they instead look at who can
send them traffic via an email blast.

The pros of it: you can get an influx of traffic
and sales from a new active affiliate partner and you
only pay out a commission of the sales they land (or on
Clickbank, this is automated for you).

The cons: it's not consistent, predictable or scalable.
So I'd say it's a good "cherry on top" but it's not
a smart way to attempt to build a business.

That being said... I've generated at least $500,000
just from affiliates pushing traffic to offers.

I've seen single affiliates pull in $12,000, $17,000
and the best in my promotions was $26,000.

Of course, there are many super-affiliates who in
promotions have generated $120,000, $200,000, $800,000
etc for one promotion.

A single affiliate with 50k - 300k (or even upwards
to 1.5 mill as some of today top performers in
the busiest niches have) ... a list that big of your
top prospects means one new affiliate partner can be
incredibly lucrative for you.

That doesn't even factor in the many others who
have modest blog traffic, modest lists or know how to
properly advertise an affiliate offer.

In working with clients... we've reached out to small
pockets of just 80 - 200 merchants in the past
with affiliate solicitations and got 10%-15% on board.

That alone, in each case, gave us low 4-figures or
low 5-figures in sales.

For bigger promotions, it was a more serious effort and
we saw numbers like $55k, $64k and $72k etc.

All starting from a small pool of affiliates.

BUT... those affiliates MUST be individuals who
have subscribers and buyers they can reach out to.

The best affiliates, the ones who consistently produce
4-figures or 5-figures in revenue for any single
promotion are other MERCHANTS.

I'll have a "Rob Rant" soon with tips and tactics
of how to actually find, engage, build rapport with
and recruit affiliates. So stay tuned... I'll post
it eventually to the Rants page:

Rob Toth | Rob Toth Rants


If merchants of other info-products in your niche
are the BEST affiliates/super-affiliates to recruit
for "easy money"... then it made sense to me to
get one of the guys on my team to immediately build
a database of all the merchants in Clickbank.

There are roughly 13,000 active merchatns registered on

And, as of roughly a year ago, after 4 months of
work and $3500 that I paid to my VA... I now have
the full list of all merchants.

This is a powerful marketing weapon.

But for any given campaign, only the niche that
we're promoting in is relevant (meaning I only use
a part of the database for any given project).

Since I'm now closing down shop on the info-product
end of things and will, by the end of this month,
sell many domains, websites, products, salesfunnels,
licenses etc in the "internet marketing" and
"biz opp" space that I've built over 6+ years...

I figure I'll also let go of PARTS of the Clickbank

It cost me $3500 to build it and has already resulted
in roughly $80k - $90k in revenue in about 11 months.

So ... it was a worthwhile investment. :)

I have various niche CB merchant databases setup...

The full database will not be sold. I released a
few copies to select high-level IMer friends for $2000.
It's no longer for sale.

And even these niche databases... I'll sell up to
5 copies of any given niche.

If you have product/offer in any of these niches,
I'll be blunt and just flat out tell you to buy the list.

A biased recommendation I know... but I stand to make
small change from the sale. YOU, with the ability
to easily recruit other *MERCHANTS* as affiliates...
you stand to make an extra 4 or 5 figures *for
each promotion* you run.

Here are the niches/mini-databases of *MERCHANTS*
that are available.

* Betting / Online Casinos / Online Gaming - approx
409 merchants

* Forex - 176 merchants

* Real Estate - 131 merchants

* Stocks - 149 merchants

* Music - 268 merchants

* Small Business - 392 merchants

* Cooking / Baking / Recipes / Food / Wine - 213 merchants

* Affiliate Marketing - 520

* "Internet Marketing" - 2822 merchants

* Employment / Jobs - 307 merchants

* Green / Environment Products - 115 merchants

* Home and Garden - 1067 merchants

* Parenting / Family - 379 merchants

* Dating - 334 merchants

* Personal Development - over 300 merchants

* Spirituality / New Age - 347 merchants

* Sports - 477 merchants

A single affiliate for a single product promotion will
be worth thousands to you. This is a very hassle-free
/ simple way to recruit 30, 40, 50+ affiliates in any given niche.

The databases come with everything you'd need: full
name, product name, website, email(s), address and
phone (80% have address and phone), clickbank ID and more.

See the first entry on this page for more info
and for order button.

Rob Toth | Private Sales, Behind-Closed-Doors Deals and Other Exclusive Temporary Opportunities

If you have questions, email me right away and I'll
answer them.

And you can grab multiple lists if you are in a variety of
niches or have associates/partners in other niches. Just
change the order quantity at the time of purchase and
then let me know which databases you'd want.
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