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I'm offering this here first to see if I get any interest. I started this blog called Niche Blogger Today Earlier in the year. It's all about Niche blogging. Basically a blog about starting blogs. Content includes Wordpress Tips, Drupal Tips, Content planning, videos, etc. I love the subject but my freelance business is taking off and I simply don't have the time to write for it or monetize it effectively.

It's made a little bit of money with AdSense, but as I said I haven't put enough energy into effectively monetizing it. There is great Ad Revenue potential from AdSense, direct sales and affiliate programs. It just takes time to develop the content effectively.

So, let's see if anyone would be interested in taking it off my hands.

Gory Details:

Google Pagerank: 2
Backlinks: Almost 1,200
Ad Revenue:$10.23
RSS Subscribers Via Feedburner: 100+
Avg. Unique Daily Hits: 40-50
Total Unique Visitors: 2863
Total Pageviews: 9584
Total Posts: 40 Posts (many longer than 1,000 words)
Total Comments: 66
Platform: Wordpress using WP-Premium Theme

Purchase will include:
The Full Wordpress Installation
Full Database
All posts and comments
Awesome Domain Name
Detailed Content Plan I developed for the Site
1 month consultation/support
Access to Google Analytics historical Data
Everything including the kitchen sink

If anything, the purchase is worth the excellent content I've written for the blog. Sampling of the posts:

Set up Your Self Hosted Wordpress Blog in 17 Steps
How to Ban IP's and Users in Wordpress
Do Yourself a Favor: Avoid iWeb
Niche Blogging 101 Series

The Content Plan also Includes:

Drupal Tips Monday
Theme Tuesday
Wordpress Wednesday
Technical Thursday
Feature Friday

Price I am asking for the whole package: $300 via PayPal.

DM if you're interested and we'll iron out the details. To see the site go to nichebloggertoday dot com


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Hi Johnaton,

How much revenue do you make from the banner advertisement on your website?

I am interested. please Pm me.
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