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Njobsboardis the newest solution which enables to transform a regular WordPressblog into a useful tool allowing to recruit employees or running ajob advertisements website. This theme is rich in functions allowseasy and quick website configuration. Administration panel is veryintuitive and allows to operate the website fully and efficiently.Additionally, all required functions and tools are already prepared.One needs only a few minutes to configure his own employment website.

Njobsboardis a free tool, but with enormous configuration possibilities. Usercan easily choose criteria under which vacancies will be posted andeven choose which vacancies will be promoted. Adding vacancies withunwanted content is prevented by CAPTCHA which requires enteringappropriate code before posting a vacancy. There is also one featurewhich allows to set offers in a pending state to be accepted byadministrator before publishing them. Viewership tracking is enabledby powerful tool which is Google Analytics.

Useof widgets is supported by configuration options. It allows to addany functionality user wants. Order may be changed and modifiedfreely. RSS feed is a useful tool, because it allows to automaticallyinform users about newest vacancies on the website. Additionally,user can make his own interface translation.

Addingvacancies is easy to adjust and will meet requirements of even themost demanding users. Administrator may for example allow addinglogos to offers, set which fields are required during submitting avacancy. All features can be seen in demonstration version which isavailable on NJobsBoard - Free Job Board Software, Free Job Board Script PHP website. It shows all website's functions, logging to the website isincluded. Also you can see how little is needed to start your own jobadvertisements website.


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Do you have a comparison with any of the commercial options?
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