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Discussion in 'CMS and Content Management' started by trickobrien, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. trickobrien

    trickobrien New Member

    The endless search for free Wordpress themes.I came across this theme a couple of days ago-EvoLve

    EvoLve - FREE Themes for your WordPress blog - Theme4Press

    I would think it will be updated with future releases of WP

    Anyone else come across or used themes they would recommend?
  2. uplodex

    uplodex New Member

  3. unrealindeed

    unrealindeed Administrator Staff Member

    I was looking around yesterday and found iFeature. It's clean modern and has some nice features!
  4. natul

    natul New Member

    A lot of WordPress templates you can also winf here
  5. towfiqi

    towfiqi New Member

    nice theme
  6. brownskin

    brownskin New Member

    On the Gavick website you can find great templates for Wordpress or Joomla.
  7. unrealindeed

    unrealindeed Administrator Staff Member

    Several years on from when this post was first created I have used several free templates for various projects. In the end I always ended up splashing out $50+ for a premium theme with additional features, continued support and security updates.

    Registering the theme with a product key allows easy one click install updates saving time and effort with uploading files by ftp. It's always advised to backup first.

    Some theme developers offer an extended theme license meaning you can install a purchased theme on several websites/domains and register it with the same product reg key and avail of one the click updates on all websites for a one off fee. An extended license can cost as much as $2950, but if you find a good theme with lots of layouts and features you can use it in most (if not all) projects leading to less time spent researching new 'freemium' themes and plugins for each new project you start.

    - Regular patches and bug fixes
    - Regular security updates
    - Extended features and functionality
    - Access to premium plugins and updates
    - Up to 6 months support
    - Access to community forums
  8. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    I tend to the same, but what about the themes that ship with Wordpress itself?
  9. unrealindeed

    unrealindeed Administrator Staff Member

    I usually build for SMEs so the default themes would not suit the level of design and functionality without a lot of custom tweaking and installing plugins.

    As a rule I remove any themes not in use and keep plugins to a minimum so I haven't really played with the default themes in a while, though the twentyseventeen theme does look very nice and responds well across multiple devices.
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