Freelance jobs?? Where can u find them?

Discussion in 'Work / Life Balance' started by WebMaster, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. WebMaster

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    does antone know where i can find clients looking for freelance web designers? i'm new to this so am any help to get me started will be appreciated
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  3. WebMaster

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  5. Forbairt

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    its all related to your number of posts :) (adds another post :p)
  6. koconnor

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    Irish based projects. A lot of other coders from various countries are competing here against Irish coders, but the projects seem to be mainly based in Ireland.
  7. Anouilh

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    I have a friend who, having completed a third level degree in computing, is on the market for full time employment. Are there any tips that might lead to a good position, please?
  8. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

    Work hard ... get noted for your accomplishments ... write a good CV and cover letter ... and practice interviews with all those tricky questions.

    Like what are your bad points ... what are your good points ... where do you see yourself in 5 years ...

    (you were expecting something else) ... ?

    Join linked in ? ... search there
    Join Monster .. Search there ... approach recruitment crowds ... approach your uni careers advice section ..
  9. Anouilh

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    Many thanks. I'll send that information on.
  10. Forbairt

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    NP ...

    Good CV ... Good cover letter .. and good interview skills are a must ... be prepared (I know I've never been)
  11. koconnor

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    That's Freelance Ireland - Index my mistake.
  12. MiaDeRoca

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    In the german-speaking-world there are several platforms for freelancers.
    A platform based in Austria but going international is IT-Jobs und Projekte fr Freelancer und IT-Experten (right hand corner there are language buttons) [should be also nice for thos looking for jobs within Europe] - At JoinVision you can publish you own profile for free.

    What is also popular are the platforms xing (don't know how strong Ireland is) or linkedin .

    And I do have some freelancers as customers - via good SEO they already got some good jobs (and of course they themselves are real pro's).

    All the best for you!
  13. alex_syn

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    You can try using to find freelance work and professionals

    You can try using to find freelance work and professionals.

    The site is open to European freelancers. U.S. and European companies can post their vacancies or freelance projects for free.
  14. dbnavan

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    I cant post links yet but google odesk
  15. Yanniboy

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    Freelance Web Designer

    Hi, my girlfriend recently got a job as a freelance web designer on So I suppose any of the Job Boards may have details of the companies that they are advertising for and then you can Google them using the same details.

    Sometimes some of the companies will also advertise on their own websites but because their websites are not optimised they do not appear in the first 10 pages. Not many people go past page 5.

    So, find the contracts first on Job Boards and then Google as much relevant information and the company might pop-up. So you can go direct and offer your services.

    Hope this helps.
  16. TheMenace

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    blacknight - how about setting up a sticky thread with links to the portfolios of freelance designers that are looking for work? I'm constantly on the lookout for good Web designers for well paid and interesting work.
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    There are lots on
  19. Pixelcraft

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    This would be a great idea!
  20. bankkok

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    Don't be lazy. Use google. you will find one.

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