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Hi everyone,

Hopefully this is in the right place, if not please feel free to move/slap me on the wrist for posting in the wrong place.

I am looking for recommendations/contacts for a top quality freelance web-developer (or small web-dev agency) to work on a new website for an existing company.

At this point, we have a growing business in a thriving sector, but are looking to build a new and exciting concept. We are essentially looking for a technical partner to come on board with us to develop it in 'stealth-mode'. The terms would be one of the following (or a combination of one or more).

1) If you are truly excited about the concept - come on board as our technical partner with your own equity stake, and the option to sell your shares after a fixed term (as in we will buy them back from you, thus ensuring you receive payment). This is probably our ideal scenario - as we would love someone who could come on board with us medium-long term, not just a developer who comes and then goes.

2) We contract you on a work-for-equity basis - and at the end of a defined period, we buy back the shares, ensuring you receive payment. Or - we can simply agree to pay you a fixed amount at the end of a defined period (instead of share issue).

3) We contract you at a competitive rate - ideally in this scenario, you will be a sole trader or will have low/no overheads - meaning we can contract you at a lower rate than those big agencies with fancy offices!

In any case, hopefully this is all enough info to get someone interested - or for one of you to PM me with some contacts/recommendations. A bit about me - I am web savvy, have worked with a large, fairly well-known search engine...and can't wait to get someone great on board with this concept.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Simon,

Thanks for the reply. Sure shameless plugs are welcome if you're good at what you do!

Nice portfolio/site. However I noticed this is a side-project for you and you work full-time. We'd really be looking for someone who could work full-time on it (more or less).
Hi, yeah, really should update that site now I guess! Parted ways (sadly) with my employer just on Friday gone by, hence my interest in your project!
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