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New Member Irelands first funeral cost comparison directory for funeral planning, funeral arrangements, funeral price and funeral costs comparison website. I have thought and launched this special website for the family members of the deceased during those stress fulltimes. In these recent economic climate when times are tough enough in relation to financial matters death in a family could be a financial burden on anybody at anytime. The last thing we ever want to do is compare prices for the funerals , with the help of this website you will be able to get direct estimated quotes from funeral directors from your own locality or county or all over Ireland ,you can also get quotes for headstones, floral services memorial cards and all the quotes provided to you will be totally no obligation so you are under no pressure and choose the most suitable funeral directorof your own choice.
This website will be dealing with almost all Independent funeral directors and other service providers like Headstone / Floral services In the Republic of Ireland who ever wishes to be listed in this funeral cost comparison website to provide you with quality service and reasonable and competitive price for the complete funeral from start to finish to minimize stress of the family members of the deceased during those difficult times, and you can leave your reviews and feedback's about a funeral director which you have recently used and share your experience.No commissions charged on any funerals or using this website , as revenue is generated by advertisement of products and services listed on this website only.
Funerals are inevitable,stressful and painful, the loss of our loved ones is overwhelming. In our society we do our very best to give our loved ones a dignified funeral . I believe will be a great help to families and friends with extensive range of funeral services and funeral service providers listed .

As funeral prices vary place to place and the aim of this website is to make funerals easy as possible anywhere in republic of Ireland and also cost effective funeral. The death notice section (Obituaries) also allows you to make funeral, death announcements,where you can write a short description about the deceased and where and when the funeral is going to take place .Also if you wish to contact service providers individually of your own choice like Florist, headstone makers, candle services, memorial cards and even solicitors would be listed in the near future . be the best website to start with on the internet while searching for any funeral requirement .
Thisis developed by Clayton Raju Samuel with the intention to help families of the deceased by offering them an interactive service over the internet where they can place all their funeral requirements, all they have to do is choose their county, and fill in an online request form and that it!!! Simple as that.

On the other hand the registration process for the service providers for listing themselves on this website is very simple and just takes few minutes and as soon as somebody requests a quote the service providers gets an email and a text message on their mobile phone, asthe service providers get live business leads without any delay.

There is also very important information and links available on the website in relation to cemeteries all over Ireland so you can find up-to-date information about cemeteries and where and whom to contact in relation to burial grounds.
There is a link about crematoriums in Ireland all information is available just a click away and finally the bereavement grants links where youcan find all the information about grants what anybody could be eligible for if any. Please note that information about cemeteries, crematoriums, bereavement grants are provided by I and my website does not have any control over its contents.

I hope this website provides useful information, to all in their time of need , so please visit

Kind Regards: Clayton Raju Samuel
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