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I have a website for sale based on the entertainment side of Galway.

It is powered by Joomla which is fairly robust and has many addons such as automatic Twitter updates which automatically updates our Facebook page also. twitter=galwayuncovered

Traffic is low, since starting to design in mid Sept the website has recieved 3332 visits which have viewed 17941 pages.

The site is basically ready to go as far as making money and will be a real money maker. Unfortunately I got offered a job in Belgium and am moving in a few weeks time and wont have time as ill be working 50hours a week.

The website could be changed easily to include Restaurants, Hotels & Anything on Galway, thats why I picked the domain.

Stats on Webalizer can be confirmed and if you wish to try out the pub/club login you may using the following:

I am looking you a quick sale and for you who say you could make the same website yourself yes, but there are close to 70 pages on this website ready to be sold and promoting the website with autotwitter & autofacebook couldnt be easier! (Can provide screenshot)

I'm looking for a quick sale on this one so unfortunately I am willing to go €900ono

Thanks for your time,
Conor Shanley.


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As not to confuse anyone the website for sale is not





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Hey Shane,
The site looks very good but I will need a while longer to think it through.
Just letting you know that someone is interested
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