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I'm looking to sell off simply because I no longer have the time to maintain it. The site is about 7 years old & ranks quite well in the search engines. At present, its very lightly monetised returning roughly €200 per annum but would have a great potential in the right hands. Unique site visits are approx 1k a month and page loads of 3-4k. It's a free website directory and receives 5-10 new submissions per day. I have found it extremely useful for inbound links to my main IT business but like I said I honestly never really invested the right time into the project.

1.The site is static.
2.The recent addition of a newsletter signup less than 12 months ago has yielded almost 800 subscribers and rising.
3. I'm not putting a price as I genuinely have no idea what it's worth. I am willing to take offers.
4. Would prefer to sell to someone who could develop the site further.

Please PM if interested.

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